A promise to America

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The promise to America:

The Promise of an American future free from tyranny for every citizen within this nation as being that goal, that promise was and should still be Freedom and prosperity for everyone, which is all-inclusive of all persons without any exceptions, followed with safety and security from foreign and domestic interference for all individuals and not just a few.

With the inherent human shortfalls and failings known to exist in humanity, a constitution was adopted to outline a clear path to enable that promise to come true, while forsaking a monarchy or dictator as a ruler, but it relies on two very important factors, responsibility and respect, respect for others and their rights, which should include everyone regardless of race color or creed, where without those responsibilities covering various individual behaviors, freedom cannot be realized. It has come down to a point in modern times where many misunderstand what it takes to achieve such goals of freedom and prosperity, and with that misunderstanding often forget about their fellow citizen rights of having the same guarantees, in that process of being selfish, even if many think they have that proper concern for others, actually they think only of themselves in many cases, and there are numerous examples to show that as fact. If a person has clear and open eyes, it can be seen as an inherent problem within the community with regard to many issues facing our society. Those facts whether a person wants to acknowledge them as true or not that is their right but these problems are the causes of much of the unrest within the various States and the root of many complaints.

Some good advice that has been handed down over many centuries to minimize conflict between individuals while still keeping the peace is, stay silent when there is nothing to be said and work hard to gain that self-satisfaction of a job well done. Even though a main tenant of our freedom is freedom of speech, just because a person can say something doesn’t mean it should be said, and just like other freedoms, just because they are there to use doesn’t mean they should always be utilized.

So a person wants to be a good American and by extension a good republican!

The question is simple do people want to be free or not?I still don’t know what a Democrat or Democrat follower has to offer other than tyranny and selfisness!


Cuba, a lesson for us all to learn:

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While many in this country squander away their rights and freedoms in the name of safety, when in fact it’s mostly for one’s own comforts being considered by few, forsaking and interfering with everyone else rights at the same time, the people of Cuba and other places like Venezuela cry out hoping to achieve those original American values of freedom, prosperity and equality that were first laid out in the Constitutional framework adopted that formed this nation. Where many in this country take those rights for granted and fail with protect those rights adequately.

Sadly too many people in the U S fail to understand what that freedom they possess in America really means, and if not careful will end up in the same conditions seen in many of these third world countries who embraced Socialism and Communism.

Who are we? That question is asked by some and deserving of an answer. As a country we as a people are mostly generous and kind hearted relying on Christian values with having the interest of others in mind, and that should remain the soul of this nation, which is something worth fighting for. And when we see others in distress there should always be a willingness to extend a helping hand where possible, but caring for our own first is a priority so as to have the strength to help others validating the America first philosophy.
What can also be learned from the people of Cuba regarding such issues such as Gun control and over regulation is, in the hands of responsible people they act as a determent to those who would force an un-popular concept of any kind on its people.
And further what is the end result of those policies that restrict the population to a point of rebellion know as over regulation. Something however to instill caution in this county is the causes of this tyranny of corrupt leaders to gain a foothold in the first place, which is corruption by a few, where if that corruption had never been allowed that regime that came about in Cuba for example would have never come about.
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The Philosophy of Freedom:

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When the founders came together as a group and discussed their future and that of the nation, along with all those who would benefit from those conclusions coming through those discussions, a vision that stemmed from those debates was of a free society, and with it came a goal and a purpose that developed, where every citizen would and should have a stake in how they lived and prospered as a free people and further in the way they would be governed, which requires personal responsibility and respect for others so it may be realized.
Understanding that vision is vitally important to maintain freedom and a way of life that would be beneficial to each person and to the world through non-threatening behavior to anyone’s liberty regardless of where, except that of tyrants which would be met with force when needed, so it is incumbent on every citizen to take responsibly for their actions and show respect for their neighbors and family.

The beauty of a free society is each person is free to be as big a jerk as they wish or the nicest person in the community either one, You can even elect to disregard or embrace what I or anyone else says, but in every case an individual must understand there may be good or bad consequences with their actions, that is part of what is freedom.
Another is the freedom of choice and the ability to act in any way they wish within the law.
This and other rights outlined in the Bill of Rights shall not be abridged by anyone as long as it is freedom that’s expected, but sadly with that freedom of choice there are some that would take advantage of that right of free choice and try to destroy that original vision and hamper others rights, at which time there is no longer a United States and the desire of freedom disappears.

The only course that can be taken and insure the future of a free people is a conservative approach with true American ideals which are championed by a Republican presence, anything else is un-American.
We all know there are problems but how they are fixed is the issues; through proper education and volunteerism is the best way.


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