Sowing the seeds of our on Destruction:

Sunday, January 10. 2021

What being identified as a Republican means and the course of events that follows with failure to recognize its meaning, and how to identify RINO’s:

Too many fail to see what that really means to be a Republican, and with that failure do not properly school or educate others in the advantages it holds with that identifying as Republican. Case in point, how many rebel and call out others for their inconsistency, and who allowed them to be in that position.

To insure against allowing any RINO’s from representing what the party stands for and affecting your life in a way inconsistent with correct ideals and behavior then Constitutional guides must prevail, however it first has to be understood what a Republican is and why that party was formed in the 1850’s to start with to adequately apply the following logic. In the parties beginnings it was designed very distinctly with aligning itself with the principles of what was practiced as true Americanism, and further contrary to a certain groups of Democrats not adhering to an establish Constitutional structure, allowing those opposing that structure to fail to recognize all individuals rights and freedoms, prompting this party, it is not meant to be a group of selfish people but to aid their fellow citizens, further this original group had a desire to be unaffiliated and distance themselves from those influences of greed and being contrary to the Whig and other parties who were in violation of the American principles of inclusion and with fair mindedness, in that was the clear difference.

To be a true Republican there has to be total adherence to the original principles established with the founding of the United States of America, which includes trusting in the people along with a trust in God, any other effort by anyone who attempts to do differently can only be shown as none Republican, for example actions such as those of Governor Ducey’s. Also picking and choosing what part of those founding principles are used and recognized at any one time is unacceptable and distracts from what it means to be Republican, they all need attention not just a few, lack of that attention is often the cause of what many see with certain individuals as Republicans in name only. Although there is no shame being an independent, that is not the intent of this writing to show that difference, it is instead an outline of the meaning of one group, Republicans; it’s to identify what is a Republican is. After all it’s you and your children’s future security at stake when choosing the wrong person.


The purpose of the Republican Party through its members is to recognize and establish the equality, freedoms and security of all people’s regardless of origin and to understand the basic rights afforded to everyone, and guarantee those rights even of those who we may disagree, if that’s not the way you perceive what is the right behavior for Republicans then you’re not a Republican.
As stated in past writings, it is each and every person’s duty that represents themselves as Republican to teach others what being Republican means, and if that chore was undertaken and accomplished properly whenever it’s possible, there may be less resistance to Republican influence and with less resistance an increased in numbers should follow and be expected in those that identify as Republican.


These words are only a reminder to some and call to action to all, where there are those who do correctly understand the meaning and take the appropriate actions when required having a need for more support, there are many that feel the same way but there are also those who might be confused and need guidance.

Having the Proper Vision for the country is Important:

Sunday, January 3. 2021

This morning on national TV there was another mention of certain comments made by Ben Rhodes, a forming advisor to President Obama stating his view of many Republicans as being somehow extremists. Where it is made clear to many that true Republicans are extremists, which is un-true, if so they do not know what a Republican stands for just by making such statements showing how ignorant or corrupt certain people are if they think that why.

There are several conclusions that can be taken away with regard to these types of statements however, either the person making those conclusions are blind and stupid or have no true direction in grasping what is truth, or they themselves are the ones that are extreme, in any case does anyone want this type of person making decisions on your safety and future.

To even consider these types of people may have been advising the person that holds influence over everyone’s lives is scary and to continue in that capacity is even scarier, and can relate to the type and character of those person’s we select to hold that type of influence over us, that’s why being certain of your choices is so important. Remember the words of President Ronald Reagan” trust but verify”

Of course there is another angle to consider too, which is how others view what a Republican is made obvious through our own actions that should be the question with this argument not whether Republicans are extreme in anyway, or even if anyone should call that into question in the first place. Perhaps some have gone astray and no long represent what a Republican should stand for and if that’s true, it’s our fault in not properly educating those that surround us of who we are. In answering that question a Republican should only be seen as someone who respects and guards the right of all people which is what gives those people the ability to express themselves, so a question is, what is extreme.
On a final note, that attitude of characterizing some people and thinking that many are extreme is also exactly what you have and getting with the election of Joe Biden, so keep that in mind, I guess the security of the nation is not important to anyone and where that security falls to a personal level also.

Who are the ignorant people?

Sunday, December 27. 2020

Who are the ignorant people, good question, in this case are they Democrats or Republican. As far as making the right determinations on certain matters that affect all others, it can be easily boiled down to what those decisions are and how they do affect other people’s lives, that’s what determines how correct certain positions are on current events, the final outcomes, right and wrong.

And in making sure the proper person represents others correctly they should be expected and demanded they make the right decisions or as close to it as possible and they are truly intelligent with making those correct decisions and not just seeking a job, if they don’t truly care about all others then everyone else is at risk, and isn’t that the first duty of government, to protect the security of all people not just a certain group, everything else is secondary.

Being honest with ourselves is important, it has to be understood that just because someone has a college degree that does not make them intelligent, smart maybe with certain knowledge, but not necessarily intelligence which is entirely different from smartness.

An example that can be made is a chemists knows how to put two elements together they may be smart, if they don’t know way those elements go together that person may not be all that intelligent in that field, or if a Doctor knows you’re sick but does not know why and fails to find out the reason your sick then that can be another reason.
That is the kind of condition that exist with those who most of us end up in choosing for our leaders then they may seem to be nice people but they lack the ability to represent us all correctly. The other angle is those individuals are either corrupt and have criminal intentions.

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