The Real inconvenient Truth:

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For many individuals it’s the misunderstanding of certain responsibilities people have towards each other and how those responsibilities relate to their own and the next persons freedoms which is key to peaceful coexistence, a misunderstanding that has developed over time in this country by some which is truly troubling, that is if freedom is the ultimate goal and not something else that is desired like tyranny and totalitarianism, then to keep that freedom respect and responsibility is a must. One clue to that philosophy that existed at the time of the founding of this country with was obviously Christianity and the teaching of Chris as a guide and there cannot be any argument over that issue.

Noting that many have forgotten what tyranny really is and what it looks like, and they have begun to practice much of what it entails allowing it to take effect and gain a foothold in our society once again.

One area of misunderstanding is that of individuality and purpose of being or how to achieve that individualism, which has lately formed incorrectly within many individuals over the years, and I am not convinced that many even know what individualism is, currently differing from what it was in the beginning with the, “United We Stand Divided We Fall mantra”, and where that unity is required for everyone to enjoy those fruits of freedom they seek, however there is a requirement to practice that individualism no doubt if freedom is to be recognized, while at the same time it’s also important to join together as a likeminded group as well for the protection and consensus of direction of this nations and its survival, which method is also outlined in the Declaration of Independence where it states “We the People” not just one person like a Joe, Sam or Cynthia where they are the only concern but for everyone no exceptions. But in many cases today I see only disunity which is a concern where the cure is responsibility and respect. More attention should be given to how Red Skelton sum up responsibility in his rendition of the pledge of allegiance.

Another is individual privacy that has its roots in individualism certainly, but also there is a need of assurance throughout the public domain that people are safe and the proper use and knowledge is passed on forwarding that safety that determines when and where that privacy should be applied is of vital importance, bottom line is where it affects others if only it is one other person or a larger group that privacy stops with the requirement for public safety , that is the issue, where it has no relevance to others safety it is appropriate to remain private in the personal domain and hidden from others view, knowledge or information that could sustain that freedom for everyone should also be considered important first before all else. Or would you rather have knowledge of a future bad event that could and did cause harm to many others, like those outside the Mandalay Hotel in Los Vegas and kept it private as none of your business and not say anything to anyone of that plot if known, or would you prefer to save lives and speak up. It’s the same in all similar matters where safety is concerned unless you wish to be viewed as selfish and uncaring. Same is true with this current pandemic, would you put others at risk just for your own comfort or be a concerned citizen and honor those wishes that others may have, knowing they possibly may be concerned for your safety.

Respect for others which is of dire importance to freedom and a major component of our democracy, were if there is no respect for others then you can’t expect those other individuals to respect you, unless you take a totalitarian attitude in your thinking and feel you’re the only one that matters while engaged in one-sided conversations and rule or live with selfishness guiding your every move, then you have tyranny, if that is what is wonted then this is still currently a free country and as such it’s your privilege to desire that. One of the beauties of this country is a person is free to be an idiot or fool whenever they want and an as intelligent caring individual if that’s desired, problem is we have to many idiots running the show and not enough intelligence.

Finally, summing up a few important points, in a one broadcast made that was only one of a few times I disagreed with Rush Limbaugh, were he stated there is no place it the constitution requiring people to respect each other and have intelligence to act, that assumption is wrong, if it’s not said then it’s implied as there is only one way to achieve freedom for all, and that’s respect and responsibility.

Why should a person vote Republican?

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What a Republican should stand for:
A true Republican candidate works for the people not themselves and only uses cumulative judgement formed though communication with their constituent’s in coming to those conclusions which are used in governing each person’s lives, not those phonies (RINO’s) that only use the name republican for cover and have no real true idea what a Republican is, anything less is dictatorial and exclusive of others, further with that proper judgement process it should only stand for nothing less than freedom and self-reliance not simply used for the protection given by party affiliation and name recognition while used for personal benefit only. Where do you stand?
A Republican should show and engage in those qualities and guiding principles outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights guaranteeing freedom and equality for all individuals who are citizens of this nation, though at the same time not barring such freedom to any person from outside this nation, but only enjoying that freedom on their own soil if desired, further insuring justice and tranquility with safety, prosperity and security for all citizens and their children, further with strict adherence to state and federal laws but only within the confines of those various constitutions governing those Federal and many State jurisdictions making up this nation, exception for any moral and legal behavior pre-dating the formation of the U S constitution, where such moral behavior has already been confirmed through just cause and majority consent, any crimes against person or property who’s guidelines or also outlined through suggestion and noted by that in the Party platform as unacceptable or illegal behavior and those restrictions shall be strictly enforced equally amongst all persons, anything else not stated in those documents matters little as far as conviction of purpose. Any additional statements of conviction which maybe present comes from these few principles mentioned above and only strengthens those ideals and further defines there intent. In contrast, unlike many Democrat leaders who feel these guidelines and positions are simply a nuisance, and only applying them when it benefits those leaders demonstrated trough their actions. Although for the benefit of all people it’s no crime in itself to identify as anything other than Republican, but with the foregoing statements presented to ponder they are some reason why a person should support the Republican cause.
For more information and clarification contact a local party representative.

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