Roiting vs. Safety

Sunday, September 13. 2020

Rioting vs. Safety: Lately it was seen another occurrence of rioting which threatens numerous individuals with personal harm and destruction of private property, by rioting it also effects many others in or outside the area such as venders and suppliers and their profitability, which could further negatively affect the average citizen miles away even you the reader of this analysis, but just as disturbing is the damage to public property evidenced by violence against police officers and their equipment.
Who pays for these items anyway? If sane people knew the answer to that question there would be retribution.
The facts are simple they are paid for by the taxes from the general public so each police car torch and destroyed and every public building damaged the cost comes out of your pocket. There isn’t an invisible person with never ending funds with deep pockets who has the cash laying around doing nothing just to through away, it’s your money and think about that the next time you wish for something and can’t afford it, why not? You allowed it.
Most riots however can be traced back to terrible and faulty policy and laws pasted or adopted by both political parties that interfere with people’s rights of freedom, not just one party, and now the chickens are coming home to roust. Progressives in both parties can be found at fault when straying from the original founding principles, one example can be cited, that relying on probable compassion for certain groups where certain segments of this population, who it was thought didn’t have the extra income required to invest in their security, had been given some sort of reprieve from paying certain taxes for their share of insuring there was enough funds to cover the expenses of the country along with many other various carve out’s excusing some groups from participating in their protection, where all these items pointed out are contrary to the constitution and it’s true meaning, something that would be well known by intelligent people, then perhaps these people are not really as intelligent as they think, with that said however another probable cause could be corruption for establishing those policies.
Why does this community, and that’s what it is a community, exist anyway? It should be for sharing experiences and having discussions on topics of interest. What is it that I and others keep trying to hammer home with discussing various issues and how they relate to those areas of concern, to insure a possible solution being offered that best defines properly that benefits and effects to all! Education could be a factor, then educating everyone through giving a different point of view which could be passed on to others that may affect their existence, remember we are all teachers, pointing out to others whether someone refers to themselves as either Democrat or Republican is not the point we are Americas first and that’s the away to healing any divide that may exist and understanding that most anything that happens we have brought on ourselves by allowing it to happen. And why is that? Keeping in mind it’s from the lack of communications or having a meaningful dialog which leads to chaos in many cases. So it’s important that persons representing us do just that and part of that representation is knowing and understanding what their constituency wants, not just what they themselves want.

what people want and wish for

Sunday, September 6. 2020

What do people want? The vast majority of individuals just want to live their lives in peace and not be interfered with or have that life interrupted in some fashion, something the framers, although not protect individuals, had envisioned and hoped for. A good example of that imperfection that existed then and still exists today can be seen by looking at each and every one of us since there is no one who is perfect, there is something in every person that others may dislike or feel they can disagree with somehow. Although the constitution as a guide for example does not encourage the tyranny and oppression of a monarch or dictator, it prohibits that, it’s the people within that system in most cases who are the governing body that misinterprets its meaning then degrades life and constitutional law through that misunderstanding or corruption, which later may have a negative effect on society. On the other hand it encourages tolerance, compassion and self-reliance along with other virtues such as conviction of certain principles and strength and knowing when to use it. Although for most individuals it may be impractical to know every sentence and paragraph of the constitution, however understanding the basic principles of that constitution by every citizen of the U S would be a great help and giant step forward in solving many issues.
As Republicans there is a duty that each one of us has and that duty is educating others in the true meaning of not only what a good Republican is, but what a good American should be, since the position of a true sworn Republican is holding the constitution and the principle it stands for dear, to solidify that point, understanding the true intent of the original concepts for the founding of this nation are important and stand for what it means to be American. Something my ancestors preached and recognized when aiding the originators of the formation of the party in the very late 1840’s and early 1850’s in Michigan with others spread out thought the surrounding states, that’s why I feel I should speak aiding others in their understanding and to carry on what those ancestors started. What is a Rino? that doesn’t mean they are bad people but obviously a person without a clear vision of what a Republican is and there are many of those. But then what is needed is to further educate those people and guarantee they adhere to the correct line of thought or expel them through lack of support not just complain about them, but before you expel them make sure you know the right answers yourself.

What does it mean to be Repulican

Sunday, August 16. 2020

What is a Republican: republican can be defined in many ways but in an effort to offer a cure for many ills that plague society today, knowing who you are is a good first step! I hear many complain about a number of issue’s and individuals both in and out of favor without any concrete solutions, of course there are some valiant efforts by a few, but just replacing someone you don’t like for another who ends up acting in a similar manner is not a solution. To solve many and most problems we face it has to be understood we are American’s first before anything else and knowing what being an American is supposed to mean. The mantra of the republican’s party is and always should be upholding those ideals that built what American is about, so being true to what a republican is needs to take place to continue to guarantee a life style as a free person and enhance your prospects for a livelihood from a republican point of view, again knowing what American should be is a requirement, I urge everyone to examine the facts of what created this nation with honestly and without distortion. The question then is either do you want to live in a free society or you don’t that’s simple, though doing so through a political party as a guide can be problematic in some cases, if any the republicans offer the best choice; the following is an outline of the commitment to affiliate with a republican party then see if that fits who you are.

Original republican platform amended

1. That the history of the nation during the last four years has fully established the propriety and necessity of the organization and perpetuation of the Republican Party, and that the causes which called it into existence are permanent in their nature, and now more than ever before demand its peaceful and constitutional triumph.
[Amended to say that any reference to “during last fours years” be changed to ” from 1858 to present”
2. That the maintenance of the principles promulgated in the Declaration of Independence and embodied in the Federal Constitution, “That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” is essential to the preservation of our Republican institutions; and that the Federal Constitution, the rights of the states, and the Union of the states, must and shall be preserved.
3. That to the Union of the States this nation owes its unprecedented increase in population; its surprising development of material resources; its rapid augmentation of wealth; its happiness at home and its honor abroad; and we hold in abhorrence all schemes for disunion, come from whatever source they may; and we congratulate the country that no republican member of congress has uttered or countenanced the threats of disunion so often made by democratic members, without rebuke and with applause from their political associates; and we denounce those threats of disunion, in case of a popular overthrow of their ascendancy, as denying the vital principles of a free government, and as an avowal of contemplated treason, which it is the imperative duty of an indignant people sternly to rebuke and forever silence.
4. That the maintenance inviolate of the rights of the states, and especially the right of each state, to order and control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively, is essential to that balance of power on which the perfection and endurance of our political fabric depends, and we denounce the lawless invasion by armed force of the soil of any state or territory, no matter under what pretext, as among the gravest of crimes.
5. That the present Democratic Administration has far exceeded our worst apprehension in its measureless subserviency to the exactions of a sectional interest, as is especially evident in its desperate exertions to force the infamous Lecompton constitution upon the protesting people of Kansas – in construing the personal relation between master and servant to involve an unqualified property in persons – in its attempted enforcement everywhere, on land and sea, through the intervention of congress and of the federal courts, of the extreme pretensions of a purely local interest, and in its general and unvarying abuse of the power entrusted to it by a confiding people.
6. That the people justly view with alarm the reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government; that a return to rigid economy and accountability is indispensable to arrest the systematic plunder of the public treasury by favored partisans; while the recent startling developments of frauds and corruptions at the federal metropolis, show that an entire change of Administration is imperatively demanded.
7. That the new dogma that the Constitution of its own force carries slavery into any or all of the territories of the United States, is a dangerous political heresy, at variance with the explicit provisions of that instrument itself, with cotemporaneous exposition, and with legislative and judicial precedent, is revolutionary in its tendency and subversive of the peace and harmony of the country.
8. That the normal condition of all the territory of the United States is that of freedom; that as our republican fathers, when they had abolished slavery in all our national territory, ordained that no “person should be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law,” it becomes our duty, by legislation, whenever such legislation is necessary, to maintain this provision of the constitution against all attempts to violate it; and we deny the authority of congress, of a territorial legislature, or of any individuals, to give legal existence to slavery in any territory of the United States.
9. Passé but relevant: That we brand the recent re-opening of the African Slave Trade, under the cover of our national flag, aided by perversions of judicial power, as a crime against humanity, and a burning shame to our country and age, and we call upon congress to take prompt and efficient measures for the total and final suppression of that execrable traffic.
[Amended to strike the term “the recent re-opening of the American Slave Trade” and replace it with “any opening or re-opening of any Slave trade regardless of ethnicity”]
10. Passé but relevant; That in the recent vetoes by the federal governors of the acts of the Legislatures of Kansas and Nebraska, prohibiting slavery in those territories, we find a practical illustration of the boasted democratic principle of non- intervention and popular sovereignty, embodied in the Kansas-Nebraska bill, and a demonstration of the deception and fraud involved therein.
11. Passé but relevant: That Kansas should of right be immediately admitted as a state, under the constitution recently formed and adopted by her people, and accepted by the House of Representatives.
[Amended to change ” recently formed” to “originally formed”]
12. That while providing revenue for the support of the general government by duties upon imports, sound policy requires such an adjustment of these imposts as to encourage the development of the industrial interests of the whole country, and we commend that policy of national exchanges which secures to the workingmen liberal wages, to agriculture remunerating prices, to mechanics and manufacturers an adequate reward for their skill, labor and enterprise, and to the nation commercial prosperity and independence.
13. That we protest against any sale or alienation to others of the public lands held by actual settlers, and against any view of the free homestead policy which regards the settlers as paupers or suppliants for public bounty, and we demand the passage by congress of the complete and satisfactory homestead measure which has already passed the house.
14. That the Republican Party is opposed to any change in our naturalization laws, or any state legislation by which the rights of citizenship hitherto accorded by emigrants from foreign lands shall be abridged or impaired; and in favor of giving a full and efficient protection to the rights of all classes of citizens, whether native or naturalized, both at home and abroad.
[Amended to say ” shall be abridged or impaired” with the addition of ” shall be abridged or impaired only through law established by a majority of citizens of the U.S.”]
15. That appropriation by Congress for river and Harbor improvements of a National character, required for the accommodation and security of an existing commerce, are authorized by the constitution and justified by the obligation of Government to protect the lives and property of its citizens.
16. Passé but relevant: That a railroad to the Pacific Ocean is imperatively demanded by the interests of the whole country; that the Federal Government ought to render immediate and efficient aid in its construction; and that, as preliminary thereto, a daily overland mail should be promptly established.
[To strike this provision as being complete]
17. Finally, having thus set forth our distinctive principles and views, we invite the cooperation of all citizens, however differing on other questions who substantially agree with us in their affirmance and support.

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