Securing Your Freedom while Using the Internet

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Protect and safeguard your freedoms on the internet, with the understanding there are no good reasons to violate any law by any reasonable or ethical individuals, then the only thing of any interest is to protect any and all parties from those few that may violate such laws, anything beyond that has no bearing on anything except to deprive a person of there natural freedoms which they deserve and are entitled to.
In order to protect all persons from any wrong doing the following conditions fulfil those needs of both the person or entities offering any legal service and those who require them, and where these are the only requirements needed.

Copy and paste the following statement below and change it to reflect your requirements of identity for both parties then paste, print and submit it for your own personal needs.

(Use as a template and modify as needed)

(Put the name and address
of the recipient here)

(Current date)

In regards to any and all terms of service provided by (“Service”) a (reference to) trademark of, or any other services provided by (whoever) including any recent terms of service offered by (whoever) Inc. through any method of delivery it may have undertaken.

It should be known that any terms of service affecting (your name), further identified as born (Date and place) beyond stating adherence to any current published law shall not be recognized or be in effect in any fashion, including any statement which supports those terms, and further where those terms could also be deemed as stifling free speech or having any interference with any right guaranteed to everyone including those affording google or any of their affiliates who may have an interest in exercising that free speech, unless otherwise stated by somewhere that speech is mandatory to aid in adherence to public safety regulations of any kind as described in the U S constitution, then that effort too so is also not recognized and shall have no force of any law.
Failure to replay or give notice in written form by certified mail of any disagreement over these afore mentioned conditions, made to a specified address which is: (your address) within 30 days from the date of this notice, it shall be confirmation of the acceptance of these terms.
It is further noted that by appearing as a necessary utility in any or some fashion, which may show (business entity) or its affiliates in some manner as being necessary and only one or few methods for exercising that or any other right guaranteed to all, including free speech, then any attempt to modify this notice will not only be seen as a civil violation, but could also be seen as criminal in its intent

(You’re Name)


Concerns Over Internet Operations

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Concerns over internet operations and what they mean

As the use of and the reliance on the internet grows more each day and it's affects are felt by a greater number of individuals, it is important to understand what using this form of communication entails.

There is a growing concern regarding individual privacy and how it can be maintained and still deliver quality service to its users. It is apparent that many fixes in the past have been made and required but fail to work as expected, basically because they don’t address the underlying cause correctly which is the character and honesty of some individuals using such service. The sad part of providing that security to protect privacy of certain individuals is that it can be seen in certain ways of having the effects of a loss of freedoms of those very individual they are intent to protect, a loss of freedoms in many ways imposed by the manner of how statements regarding privacy and responsibility are made for the use of that and affiliated services.

With regard to any statements on policy, it is the correct position to take by all parties that it’s the person offering the service which has an obligation to its users, not the other way around.
The abridging of any personal rights in essence as mentioned in the U S Constitution cannot legally take place in any form and certainly not by coercion by some even though there are a large number of courts, judges and attorneys these days that think those rights can be abridged and often proceed accordingly in their thinking and assumption those rights have been set aside somehow by just saying so in the form of a policy statement.
The true facts are no one can be held hostage for any reason with agreeing to the terms of service or with anything they can’t dispute at the very moment it’s presented for approval without the ability to make some sort or any counter offers for immediate action at the time of presentation to the person making the original offer to use such service and then having it finally accepted by both parties in its final form, especially where it can be seen as an essential service, that is if any kind of agreement is offered at all, I repeat especially what may be considered an essential service to some. The fact that it is presented as an offering to do business with the idea that many or most would wish to partake in that service or product and have some sort of need makes it essential by just doing and offering that business.

Another issue is the character and intent of the user where there may be ill intent and where certain etiquette can and should be expected. After all the internet is for the benefit of every person, then certain behavior should be expected and if that behavior run counter to the rights and acts of others then it must be prosecuted as a criminal act.

Of course there are good aspects of the internet and technology which helps to improve lives and those need consideration too, for example the collection of certain data that was gathered before the internet was introduced by hand and was quite tedious and mistakes where far more prevalent, Immediate keeping records of inventories, ease of having access to things like medical records and the like however not only do these things need to be addressed intelligently and legally the many areas where the internet comes in to play needs to be ready for prime time as it said and the internet as in stands is not ready to be rolled out and relied on as it is currently.
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Be Warry of Terms of Service

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Be warry of any Terms of Service which in most cases are designed to take away or interfere with the guaranteed rights of any user and citizen of the U S or any juridical area of operation of that service.
It is a known fact that if an individual or organization is offering the public any kind of service or product they are the ones that are and should be beholding in some way to their customers not vice versa, If any terms of service shall exist at all they should only be, that which is not beyond any specific requirement which would normal and is expected for that service such as medical privacy, and only the promise to adhere to that which is legal behavior on both the customer and provider of that product or service and nothing else other than perhaps a statement limiting the service area involved.

Any company, firm, individual or organization that presences any terms other than those simple suggestions offered or indicated above does not deserve any patronage by anyone. Organizations that offer any expanded terms of service which can be found in ever increasing numbers lacks any desire to be of any kind of service to the general or specific person.

Any comments or dissenting views in the spirit of debate are welcome
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