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Special Edition for the Fourth of July

Posted by Flyer on Saturday, July 4. 2020 in General Discussion

The fourth and what it means

This upcoming weekend there is a celebration being hold to commemorate the founding of our country and being free from tyranny, but some don’t appreciate and share those feeling of independence in a proper manner.

In order to put it all into proper perspective a person first should understand why this event occurred when it did.

History if referred to and looked back upon properly and understood correctly on what it represents becomes a great teacher of morality if it’s understood in its proper context and course of events described. Previous to signing and adopting the Declaration of Independence a majority of the world lived under the thumb and rule of only one person per region at a time such as a county or area. People where told and made to do various things that were detrimental to their own existence in many of those cases stripping many of any wealth or self-respect with no voice in either approving or rejecting those tasks. With the signing of the Declaration of Independence it was made apparent that would no longer stand as the status quo and would guarantee by it adoption the future freedom and prosperity of each individual if the ideas made obvious in that document where not lost.

And to further aid in its intent and worth as a concept an outline of freedoms described in that document along with the Constitution being put into place further by extension the Bill of Rights that followed to guarantee that right of independence exists, which right should not be tread upon in the future by anyone unless freedom lost, remember if anyone disagrees with what it stands for they are free to leave. As a symbol of that struggle to gain independence and freedom from tyranny and show unity as a people with that effort, a flag was created to illustrate those convictions that represents all citizens not just one who believe in that theory. So sadly any and all who disrespect that flag in any manner is disrespecting themselves in that process. Destruction and damaging of that symbol may be seen as free speech by some but in truth it is bad behavior and lack of respect for everyone and should not be tolerated.

Another Special Edition

Posted by Flyer on Wednesday, June 10. 2020 in General Discussion

Making a statement that is both short and sweat instead of long drawn out then the following points are valid!

It has been noted with the current violence being perpetrated by some and the call by a few to defund legitimate policing activities which was instituted by the masses in the first place, instead of creating anarchy by eliminating that protection which is available to all, then why not try stopping any criminal activity to start with that requires that police presence. Certainly without the need of having that presence then it would make for less of a chance of hiring any bad actors in that force to begin with, and supervisors could and should be more conscience of who's hired anyway if they truly are protecting everyone. That in itself would allow for the lessening of any police presence if that is the concern. The issue realy is more the lack of responsibility by some in the public arena that creates the issue at all, and those need to be held accountable.

A View from the Rear Seat

Posted by Flyer on Saturday, May 16. 2020 in General Discussion

View from the Rear Seat

A chronicle of events gathered by George Kelly that affects us all as seen from the perspective formulated by an ordinary citizen just trying to survive.

First and foremost it has to be made perfectly clear in coming to a correct and proper interpretation of any event, or in what is seen as making proper decisions by some which encourage those events to take place in the first place, simplicity is vital to see their actual effects, so therefore the following statements are made as simply as possible and may not reflect all causes for any event which may have occurred. And through any effort to cause an issue to be considered right or wrong in the first place it can be said complexity masks certain details, and with that complexity and in most cases may just be a way of hiding true intent regarding their actual purpose.

In this illustration with a starting point of over 50 years ago or more, which could have a great deal of relevance on how current policies in governing people may have a negative effect, it should be noted that through consideration of those actual causes many present day problems can find its roots in their beginning years before that.

1,Starting with the known philandering of President Kennedy with a number of different females who were not married or partnered with him as life mates, showing a lack of infidelity where the best Known of these was Marilyn Monroe, that affair showing a lack of character and trust worthiness by Jack Kennedy. And that bad behavior could also fall on the general publics were their safety and security is involved and in question with that infidelity, these are only a few areas to be considered. Even though like others with many good deeds that can be also pointed to, it can be said, something that pertains to everyone, which is also pertinent” that, one bad deed does away with a whole lot of Atta boy’s”.

2,President Lindon Johnson also known as being corrupt by at least some in many of his dealings both inside and outside government and certain aspects of personal life. However, by undertaking certain activities that could see as beneficial to some and being viewed as some sort of mile stones there are bad effects from those policies. Some of those activities such as the content of the new society, which should be normal anyway if the original constituent is followed, parts such as integration. But many of those policies indorsed would later prove to be financially burdensome to many if not divisive in many cases.

3, President Nixon can’t escape any ill effects of wrong doing in his administration either. By hiding certain facts or attempting to hiding those facts and having a corrupt attitude to justifying that position of corruption, then people can only wonder what other facts may have been concealed. He had also presided over a oil crisis created by an oil embargo imposed through OPEC. But through many of his policies or individuals administering policies he approved of he did help in ending an unpopular conflict. But just as in the case of President Johnson and other Presidents there have been other good things that had been accomplished also.

4, Moving on to Gerald Ford which admittedly his administration for the most part was eventless, at least on the surface with little fanfare or any apparent corruption, leaving little room for others to lodge any kind of complaint other than the typical Democratic mantra. With his admiration leaving a legacy, probably the most notable of any events that outlined his administration was made by his wife, the Betty Ford Foundation to aid those in need.

5, The same could be said about President Carter over his behavior as President beyond being just ineffective in some ways and seeing life through rose colored glasses or just being naive in some regards, there is no doubt that at least publicly he is a good man. But then his legacy also includes and through actions of his Democratic Congress the seeds of the Savings and Loan debacle, further exacerbated by and perhaps most notable of events the Iran crisis.

6, At this point brings us to President Ronald Reagan who at the time had a more profound effect on all of us with displaying certain attitudes than we know, which attitudes would hopefully point us in the right direction as a people, remember politically he was first as a Democrat then later as a Republican which controlled his philosophy, in fact he could be seen as more of an American rather than a member of any one political party, he seemed to have policies that actually encompass everyone’s concerns.

7, once President Reagan’s term in office expired there was an election propelling George W. Bush into the Presidency. Unfortunately certain factors came into play that would put that Presidency to the test, a number of those factors which came out of these tests could be seen by everyone if only there where open eyes who didn’t have a corrupt intent or agenda behind their motives, it could easily be concluded that; First he was a deeply emotional person not wanting to put anyone in harm’s way and deeply thoughtful of his responsibilities, just in the way he approached the issue and the outward expressions he made in showing those concerned feelings. Something outside his presidency which also came to light was the existence of a loving supportive wife in Barbara Bust that was not always the case with other presidents and should be noted, certainly lacking in the next presidency.

President Clinton with his term showed a selfish individual wrapped up in his personal greed for any personal pleasures and distain for anyone else’s safety and security and only concerned with his own, not having a true feeling of responsivity to those people he was elected to represented and serve this being evident by a whole slew of acts of acts undertaken by him which reflected poorly on the entire country and its population, even though in the end he may not see himself for what it is he is doing. Unfortunate those actions show just how far certain segments of our society has fallen, demonstrating with a corrupt manner of behavior by some and still getting worse.

George Bush 43 the son of the prior Bush mention previously, inherited many problems from the previous administration that had been caused through the lack of proper attention being paid to a number of issues, but unfortunately there was no problem in creating a few issues of his own, but in general showed good moral judgement and leadership throughout his term when called on with a near trouble free administration. Most of any issues that had been blamed on his administration occurred whether he had been in office or not, which is a point of fact that many forget or fail to see, for example the financial crises had nothing to do with his personal actions and had been brought on through the greed of others or the decisions made by the prior administration who acted improperly.

Barack Obama had offered what many called hope and change as a theme of his Presidency, but in reality it was an open door to justify bad or criminal behavior he engaged in giving many the freedoms to do just that to others, and encouraging a lack of reasonability by many, and do not encourage any self-reliance in others in most cases. His administration was riddled with corruption by many who had no regard for others and only favoring a small groups of friends and associates by his presence, indicated by the type of people he surrounded himself with, people who in most cases acted in a criminal manner showing little respect for the general public. Many more negative aspects of his influence linger today.

With President Donald Trump the prognoses on his influence is still out over what will be accomplished in the end, but for the most part his legacy will be and should of a decent caring person who tried his best to function properly

The question is what do you remember and how it affected your life by anyone one political side or presidency.


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