What is the Democrats Threat to Democracy

Sunday, November 29. 2020

What is the biggest Democratic party threat?

The biggest threat from the Democratic side of the isle is that Republicans fail to make the point why they should be the best choice. In fact there should not be any threat from Democrats in having any differences with having the same goals, there shouldn’t be, but the present day crop of Democratic leaders, not all the rank n file, are not Democrats but in most cases Communists or at least Socialists in there believes, and because of that, why would anyone who loves liberty vote Democrat. The true issue here is in that way of thought by identifying as Democrat which is completely contrary to freedom and equality for everyone and with that freedom brings true prosperity.

Many solutions to this problem could be achieved through real education, presently the failure of achieving a proper education is the main cause of disruption to society. By illustrating correct facts on issues leaving hypotheticals and hear say behind and stating the reasons supporting those facts would be a good first step in understanding life in America and dispelling many myths that exists. It is vitally important that a person teaches their children the pros and cons of citizenship first before they are corrupted by outside influences, but in doing so it is important the facts are known for instructing those facts first and secondly take the time to educate like some do.
First subject of importance to clarify would be race relations and how they became a major issue, it should be pointed out that much of any disparagement between the races is less about color and more about attitudes using color as an excuse and a way to divide, often for nefarious reasons.
What is fact is people have always tried to subjugate others in some manner for eons, it doesn’t matter if they are black white yellow brown or Native Americans who are also included in those groups also; it’s whoever or the weakest at the time that were exploited.

Lands and possessions belonging to Native Americans is another issue that has been exploited and false, with failing to understand that as a specific possession the Native Americans had none, and for the most part just thought they were free to do and go anywhere they wished and always have had that freedom, but it was also washed over that many Native American fought between themselves and whipped each other out for centuries even before the European settlers came to this land, so it’s hard to believe that the Whiteman as referred to, had any other influence on those people them anyone else.

Building character in the young is important, many or most individuals have a belief that should be done by others such as the teachers in a school setting.

Economic differences can be attributed to effort and output in the real world but all too often there are differences for various reasons that have little to do with effort and more to do with cronyism than anything, and that’s where character comes to play, pay someone for their actual effort but also pay the same for the same production, like in many other areas character is not properly thought to a charge and when put into a place of authority there is often little decent character to guide anyone correctly.

Capitalism vs. Socialism or Communism:

Sunday, November 22. 2020

Discussion for the Thanksgiving Table, many say some things are hard to discuss well?

Capitalism vs. other forms of Government for a social framework, it’s easy to show where those differ if looked upon correctly. One, with true Capitalism there is opportunity for all who work for it to succeed, on the other hand with any other form of government only a few benefit and others don’t, which is what a few fail to see.

What needs to be understood is that capitalism is a requirement for all governments to exist in one form or another, they all require capital; the differences are who the benefactors of that capital are. The naked truth is any form of government can be made to sound good, but can also be distorted to draw an inaccurate picture of what it offers, if practice correctly and in it’s pure form any type of government structure may sound beneficial to some, which may explaining the actions of a few to try and effect change, but many that don’t understand the true nature of those differing forms of government who don’t offer freedom as it base, and can only be disappointed in the end.
The terrible truth is in a capitalistic society to many take un-warranted advantage of those opportunities they have with un-restricted hording of assets which could possibly be used for a normal peaceful existence, by that seems selfish to some, with that apparent greed taking away the opportunities for others to succeed in many cases will end up creating animosity among many for a certain group. Fortunately there are some that see what their responsibilities to others are and aid less fortunate by helping others to improve on what they have by creating more opportunities for others, (which is the essence of what American life should be)

Both Socialism and Communism not only have failed when tried, there are no cases where those forms of government have ever produced what is said they will. Given the nature of Humanity in thinking (yeah so it failed everywhere else but I fix it and make it work, famous last words) what a stupid idea, and who wants to be considered stupid. But take it from me who has seen many variations of those life styles around the world and no one should want either communism or Socialism in their world.

With a clear view of what American politics are, which is not Socialistic or Communistic it will aid with making proper choices on whom to follow, the type of government is central to freedom and should not be corrupted. If a person is truly a Republican that holds those original principles and ideals of the party as central to those convictions, which is to uphold the constitution in its original form and fight for its survival, then as Republicans there is a duty to teach others the benefits of capitalism and freedom.
In discussions with others while engaging in any social event or activity an area that should be discussed is that others want and explain why. Then develop a plan to obtain that whatever it may be.

A Defunding Police Contraversy

Monday, November 16. 2020

More on defunding the Police:

As conversation continues on defunding the police it should be a consideration by all people what defunding the police really means. We established police and a police force at the very start of our colonization of these shores, augmented by individuals like Myles Standish and others when we elected certain people to aid us all in keeping us safe along with helping with providing for everyone’s wellbeing. One of those differences of policing now is in the very early years the individuals elected to protect us were more of an aid for us to call on in protecting ourselves and now police act more independently as a group and strip us of our responsivity of being a partner in our own safety not realizing that of course, but examples are the outrage that took place in Saint Louis while attempting to engage in self-protection.

By having police of a certain kind whether independent or aiding a specific person like a monarch, police was an idea brought over from the old world and has worked well both here and abroad, meaning its not a new idea. And even though the police have always been made up of humans who are subject to error, a police force is a necessary function to guarantee our safety.

So here is a novel idea which may help in correcting what it is a distraction, which that idea comes in two phases. One would be, how about if individuals of any color stop giving the police a reason for any contact or interaction in the first place and act responsibly. And two, many government agencies charged with that duty of policing our community stop hiring their friends, cronies or incorrectly vetting individuals that may create a conflict of interest and have a destructive influence on society.

And if you’re a good person well intended in helping others as the constitution calls for, law abiding concerned citizens trusting in those laws who loves liberty as well, by the very definition of Republican Republicans actually should be well placed here and in Arizona as the few grownups in the room to impress those values on others starting with our children while at the home, even though it should be all American’s responsibility to engage in that duty and encourage others by passing that word of responsibility on to all of the importance of laws and there enforcement. But at least it should be caring Republicans insuring as many as possible understand the true meanings being discussed if nobody else while, and why is it we have a police force anyway.

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