Who are the ignorant people?

Sunday, December 27. 2020

Who are the ignorant people, good question, in this case are they Democrats or Republican. As far as making the right determinations on certain matters that affect all others, it can be easily boiled down to what those decisions are and how they do affect other people’s lives, that’s what determines how correct certain positions are on current events, the final outcomes, right and wrong.

And in making sure the proper person represents others correctly they should be expected and demanded they make the right decisions or as close to it as possible and they are truly intelligent with making those correct decisions and not just seeking a job, if they don’t truly care about all others then everyone else is at risk, and isn’t that the first duty of government, to protect the security of all people not just a certain group, everything else is secondary.

Being honest with ourselves is important, it has to be understood that just because someone has a college degree that does not make them intelligent, smart maybe with certain knowledge, but not necessarily intelligence which is entirely different from smartness.

An example that can be made is a chemists knows how to put two elements together they may be smart, if they don’t know way those elements go together that person may not be all that intelligent in that field, or if a Doctor knows you’re sick but does not know why and fails to find out the reason your sick then that can be another reason.
That is the kind of condition that exist with those who most of us end up in choosing for our leaders then they may seem to be nice people but they lack the ability to represent us all correctly. The other angle is those individuals are either corrupt and have criminal intentions.

Understanding the Difference is Important:

Monday, December 21. 2020

Are you interested in staying free and controlling your own destiny? Then understanding who will defend that concept for you and If so, it may only come down to properly understanding the real meaning of what those differences are with many in how certain thoughts and actions define a particular individual or individuals.

It shouldn’t matter who is in control of national policy, whether it’s a Democrat, Republican or any other political groups if those goals are the same in adhering to the original constitutional principles and only differ with how to achieve those same goals. But unfortunately these groups do not have the same goals in mind creating chaos and a significant differing of philosophies. With that in mind, knowing the Republican Party is the only group to publicize in the open their commitment to those original concepts of being American, barring those who are corrupt, then why would anyone not identify as Republican or better yet American.

It is also important that every group should be Americans first supporting those established American ideals of honesty, freedom, strength, justice and much more if they are true to their responsibilities, and other public policy only second staying true to national standards, such concerns as local laws to determine local standards and ethics, anything else is un-American.

The major concern should be criminality of those chosen to give guidance, encompassing any fraud being perpetrated on the public where such fraud through false statements by making people believe something that isn’t fact, referring to those who turn out to actually be RINO’s is one example, thought the other groups are not immune from that fraud either, there are many who are not Democrat or Libertarian also a form of action:
Ask questions and demand correct philosophies in representing their constituents using pure logic and conviction to the cause they represent.

Hold office holders to their oaths and adherence to the Constitution, if they don’t then remove them
Prosecute anyone committing fraud or other illegal acts and not pussy foot around while doing so
And if you think that being Republican describes Americanism at its best and that it’s the correct why to behave, then spend up to as much as a $100.00 it necessary in printing a form explaining why someone should vote republican and distribute that notice in your local area, bypassing any entity that may censor or interfere with those statements, go direct to your neighbors.

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