A Repost to Ponder Over

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, July 19. 2020 in General Discussion

Are you normally selfish or self-centered? these may be the reason for not helping your community achieve certain goals on numerous occasions.

That is a question that needs to be asked of everyone, but before you ask yourself think hard and be honest. There is and always has been good reason for everyone’s involvement but that seldom occurs.
In the past more over the recent past it has been demonstrated by some that they are willing to help when called on to do so, but it’s unfortunate the real effort should be made outwardly at all times, that’s the point. It’s also unfortunate that the motives of some are suspect; however there seems to be a real concern by many others at least at prescribed times anyway to offer that help when needed, and those individuals should receive applause by all.
As like many others however who wish to air out some grievance, there is a struggle to gain some sort of widespread public interest in helping with addressing that grievance or any others being expressed, especially with those concerns which may come about effecting everyone’s freedoms and rights both now and in the future!
I must say however in justifying why it is I should have more of a voice than anyone else, I shouldn’t, but there is a good reason at this point of time for my thoughts and concerns and having more influence than someone else. I have been wronged by the state and denied legitimate income and other freedoms by many of these actions taken by the state and their representatives for no good reason, and where few or none seem to have an interest in insuring that wrong is corrected and further doesn’t continue on and happen to others. I am just as equal and important with the same rights as those of the next person in that regard, but they also have rights too which must be considered at all times, so it’s understood there is a fine eye of the needle that must be threaded in insuring those rights. The simple answer in this case is that I like so many others who have what is called skin in the game then what effect one like me affects many other individuals too including you.

For the multitudes there is a reason for their existence and careers endeavors, for example there are garbage collectors on one end of the spectrum and there are doctors on the other end and many occupations in between, in your case you have ended up justifying work ethic and pointing out the value and benefits of that work and the necessity of certain endeavors as being necessary to complete some sort of need which many or all have, which has given you a platform to influence others, that’s your calling and it has given you a wider range of influence than many. With work and other aspects of social behavior a concern of yours, I figured you may be a good spokesperson to help air my plight. Since I respect and agree with much of what you and a few others say then I am reaching out to you to support my efforts in curing that plight whenever possible by standing together with whatever influence we each may have to bring attention to this matter that could affect everyone.

Societies in Decay

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Destruction of a Society!

What is the destruction and decay of a society or social order? That question must be taken into consideration if anything is to survive.

History is littered with failed societies, many times coming from a lack of good education or misunderstanding past events and clearly from only indoctrination in place of a good education, often with only one point of view being given, coupling that with greed and selfishness beyond self-preservation.

Also a large part of any negative attitudes which may exist is generated from false pride and egos that don’t allow for acceptance of differing approaches to the same problem and thinking there is only one way to solve that issue as being there is only my way or the highway failing to weigh an outcome against common sense first.

It can be established that many decisions are also made by those without fully understanding what is being presented, in many cases that is an indication of insufficient knowledge and not having a grasp of an issue and by that what can be called into question is the quality of that person engaged in making that decision. Therefore a question must be asked, how that person gained that kind of authority in the first place, most often it comes from the lack of responsibility of not voting by those who should make that choice to elevate those individuals representing the constituency or flat out misrepresentation of thru intent.

What are some tell tail signs of a declining society that should be considered and not ignored if you want to keep it;

1, Failure to unite as one group to achieve a common goal.
2, Selfishness in only showing concern for oneself or just a few.
3, A free for all with no boundaries legally or morally
4, Lawlessness and corruption and failure to provide security for all
5, failure to communicate
This is only a short list and other evidence of a decline can be presented but these points illustrate the most obvious.

What needs to be stressed most by those asking a question is what is it exactly which is desired as an outcome, do people want a country and feel safe or just case their fate to the wind! What is being seen on the streets today with those who are supposedly protesting past events are no better than those events were?
One solution that can be offered which is dictated by the constitution to guarantee the safety of all its citizenry is to confront and defeat all enemies both foreign and domestic. Those that protest violently when not required to act in that fashion and declare other citizenship other than U S like “CHOP” in Seattle and who have openly denounced their citizenship of the U S along with forming their own country obviously devoid of adequate knowledge of constitutional law prohibiting such action could be considered foreign aggressors any anyone who aids their cause should be included as being hostile to the U S.


Lunacy at Work

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Idiocy at work!

There has been a great deal of talk nationally by a small group of individuals about defunding the police in the past few months. Unfortunately this group is vary load and makes it seem it consists of many, but in fact it shows stupidity of some, to defund or cripple the police through the lack of funding or holding back any finances as suggested would only place at risk those who protest, ending up in cutting their own throats.

It is a known fact a few bad actors and selfish people, individuals who are part of the policing environment can spoil an image for all who partake in that activity, however there is a real and legitimate reason there are police which has been forgotten in some instances, which is to aid in the protection of those who need that protection and give those individuals assistances when required. If there were no more police available then who would be there to give that aid or assistance. One further point, some have suggested the police could be replaced with social workers or some other group, problem is if the true definition of police is considered then that replacement group would become the police, so how stupid is the idea of defunding the police.

The real problem is much deeper than just a few bad apples; it might seem to start with more training but it goes even deeper than that. It starts with each and every citizen who shirks their duty by not voting and others who do vote then allow in some cases corrupt or misguided individuals to get into those positions they hold then by that make bad choices on who they appoint to head certain subgroups such as agencies who further make bad hiring decisions in the first place.
It can only boil down to one thing as the culprit, lack of responsibility and ignorance!

Further it is said that Television, Movies and video games play no role in forming images of society but I dare say much of what is perceives as police and Military activities comes from a portrayal that is cast with many so called entertainment venues.

One question that has to be asked, does anyone really know what policing is and what government is truly for in any event? any input or thoughts would be appreciated.

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