What is the purpose of Democracy for both parties!

Working together!

This morning on my way to the hardware store while listening to the radio in my car, there were a few common sense remarks made by the host of that show I was listening to. As mentioned by many intelligent individuals over the years, it’s good to work together especially in this case where so many lives are affected and where we are supposed to be one nation for everyone’s benefit, not quarreling over our selfish idea’s, that is if we are America. But perhaps the Russian’s have made good their promise after WWII to destroy us from within using our educational system, it’s also apparent many today don’t remember those treats and they are not taken seriously.

I have stated on many occasions before that some liberal ideas could be beneficial just as many conservative ones could also be, their effectiveness or legitimacy may be defined for their correctness in what those idea’s achieve and what is there ultimate goal, if it’s for everyone’s benefit it may be a correct approach if not then those idea’s aren’t correct, further it doesn’t matter who suggest those beneficial thoughts the only issue is if there made at all, what is puzzling to me and so many others it seems is way a large number of people can’t see that. In many ways you can tell if an idea is beneficial by what is proposed and whether it maybe corrupt and only for personal gain or for a criminal and corrupt reasons, or on the other hand if it’s valid or not and sincere in everyone’s gain.

The final point, after supporting many Republican candidates for 50 years and only because what they are supposed to stand for, which is not always the case, there is no doubt that if we as a people what to survive into the future, the best choice is President Trump at this particular time to protect what we have as a people.

It’s funny that many stress how much they want to take back our country, but I always have to scratch my head and think to myself, take back from who, aren’t we all in this together.


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