Malfeasance and Corruption on Display

Voting your conscience:

Malfeasance and corruption harms us all and the corruption is so prevalent it’s obvious, yet people keep allowing it to happen, so it’s amazing more people don’t do something about it rather than just complain in some fashion(understand who your voting for). It’s a good thing to support any ethical and moral action by anyone that engages in that activity, a point well made in the debate on the 22nd, which gives good reason to support President Trump in his resent efforts, but when supporting that person it’s also important to outline just why there is that support.

The corruption that should be cured and where President Trump as attempting that cure, reaches most every part of the government structure that is designed to protect us all from harm, even many State and Local governments are included in that corruption. That corruption can be seen currently in the way the FBI has handled the Hunter Biden issue. While further acknowledging the current attitude within many agencies could also relate back to the Hillary Clinton corruption matters and how they were handled and with many other investigations over the years! Often more than not, these agencies offering the excuse of dragging their feet over these actions being undertaken as an ongoing investigation which is often hog wash, and where with most these organizations stating not keeping quite may harm that investigation in some way, which can only be seen as corrupt. Justifying that corruption with the thought that the people hurt most by the initial outrage perpetrated against their interest, have no need to know for some reason.

The concern should be with whether the FBI or any other group should exists anyway if they don’t seem to function as they should, or are they only a tool of special interest? And that includes elected officials and any other appointed individual in any capacity, as they are all supposed to be functioning in everyone’s interest. Credibility with these concerns being express within this post as to the overall effectiveness of the FBI and other groups comes from recent personal experience not any hypotheticals, where like Biden and Clinton nothing seems to have come of these matters when presented to these agencies, at the same time they failed in and ignored their duty in following through with an investigation and prosecution of a legitimate statute under current law allowing the malfeasance of certain agencies to be shown and having a direct negative effect in my own personal life with interfering with legal commerce and costing many thousands of dollars in inventory made useless through that malfeasance, and destroying many decades of work and effort in that process, no wonder why Mr. Thump is as concerned with having the right people as he is. Alarm is given since it’s something that could very easily happen to anyone if the current status quo is allowed to remain the norm.

Since many elected officials proposed and made many of the decisions that formed a majority of these entities in question, it’s important not only to vote but to know who a person may vote for. In an effort to show solidarity with conservative thought, please pass this critique and opinion on to as many as possible.


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