Break Down of the Society

Breakdown of social order and society as a whole

To address the issue of misconduct within a group there is perhaps one vital element which causes that breakdown of any society, which is the lack of any responsibility. Also the concern should be what is considered a responsible move by some, that angle is often misunderstood on what is that proper course to follow in being responsible.
There is a guide that would aid in that decision where it was established eons ago and touted by our fore fathers as the basis for societal norms.

Most likely the area’s that should be considered in drawing any conclusions on what is the proper method of responsibility towards others undertaken by any group is just by:

Asking yourself what is it that we all seek?
(a) Do we seek safety? (How can any of us be safe if there is no safety net available?)
(b) Do we seek prosperity? (How can you seek and hang on to prosperity when you’re not safe)
(c) Do we seek the feeling of community? (How can you have a sense of belonging with any cooperation from others?)
(d) A clear understanding on why this nation was formed in the manner it was originally? (Without a clear understanding of who you are as a nation then how can you get to where you’re going?)
Then the only way these areas can be totally fulfilled and gain all you seek is by treating others the way you would wish to be treated yourself and through gaining a proper education, and not having a selfish intent of self-gratification that is not earned.

People need to make better decisions and be loss self- centered, and give more consideration to others needs.

The question is: What do you want? a world full of fear or the ability to go anywhere without that fear, then the answer is simple act properly with good intentions.


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