Roiting vs. Safety

Rioting vs. Safety: Lately it was seen another occurrence of rioting which threatens numerous individuals with personal harm and destruction of private property, by rioting it also effects many others in or outside the area such as venders and suppliers and their profitability, which could further negatively affect the average citizen miles away even you the reader of this analysis, but just as disturbing is the damage to public property evidenced by violence against police officers and their equipment.
Who pays for these items anyway? If sane people knew the answer to that question there would be retribution.
The facts are simple they are paid for by the taxes from the general public so each police car torch and destroyed and every public building damaged the cost comes out of your pocket. There isn’t an invisible person with never ending funds with deep pockets who has the cash laying around doing nothing just to through away, it’s your money and think about that the next time you wish for something and can’t afford it, why not? You allowed it.
Most riots however can be traced back to terrible and faulty policy and laws pasted or adopted by both political parties that interfere with people’s rights of freedom, not just one party, and now the chickens are coming home to roust. Progressives in both parties can be found at fault when straying from the original founding principles, one example can be cited, that relying on probable compassion for certain groups where certain segments of this population, who it was thought didn’t have the extra income required to invest in their security, had been given some sort of reprieve from paying certain taxes for their share of insuring there was enough funds to cover the expenses of the country along with many other various carve out’s excusing some groups from participating in their protection, where all these items pointed out are contrary to the constitution and it’s true meaning, something that would be well known by intelligent people, then perhaps these people are not really as intelligent as they think, with that said however another probable cause could be corruption for establishing those policies.
Why does this community, and that’s what it is a community, exist anyway? It should be for sharing experiences and having discussions on topics of interest. What is it that I and others keep trying to hammer home with discussing various issues and how they relate to those areas of concern, to insure a possible solution being offered that best defines properly that benefits and effects to all! Education could be a factor, then educating everyone through giving a different point of view which could be passed on to others that may affect their existence, remember we are all teachers, pointing out to others whether someone refers to themselves as either Democrat or Republican is not the point we are Americas first and that’s the away to healing any divide that may exist and understanding that most anything that happens we have brought on ourselves by allowing it to happen. And why is that? Keeping in mind it’s from the lack of communications or having a meaningful dialog which leads to chaos in many cases. So it’s important that persons representing us do just that and part of that representation is knowing and understanding what their constituency wants, not just what they themselves want.


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