what people want and wish for

What do people want? The vast majority of individuals just want to live their lives in peace and not be interfered with or have that life interrupted in some fashion, something the framers, although not protect individuals, had envisioned and hoped for. A good example of that imperfection that existed then and still exists today can be seen by looking at each and every one of us since there is no one who is perfect, there is something in every person that others may dislike or feel they can disagree with somehow. Although the constitution as a guide for example does not encourage the tyranny and oppression of a monarch or dictator, it prohibits that, it’s the people within that system in most cases who are the governing body that misinterprets its meaning then degrades life and constitutional law through that misunderstanding or corruption, which later may have a negative effect on society. On the other hand it encourages tolerance, compassion and self-reliance along with other virtues such as conviction of certain principles and strength and knowing when to use it. Although for most individuals it may be impractical to know every sentence and paragraph of the constitution, however understanding the basic principles of that constitution by every citizen of the U S would be a great help and giant step forward in solving many issues.
As Republicans there is a duty that each one of us has and that duty is educating others in the true meaning of not only what a good Republican is, but what a good American should be, since the position of a true sworn Republican is holding the constitution and the principle it stands for dear, to solidify that point, understanding the true intent of the original concepts for the founding of this nation are important and stand for what it means to be American. Something my ancestors preached and recognized when aiding the originators of the formation of the party in the very late 1840’s and early 1850’s in Michigan with others spread out thought the surrounding states, that’s why I feel I should speak aiding others in their understanding and to carry on what those ancestors started. What is a Rino? that doesn’t mean they are bad people but obviously a person without a clear vision of what a Republican is and there are many of those. But then what is needed is to further educate those people and guarantee they adhere to the correct line of thought or expel them through lack of support not just complain about them, but before you expel them make sure you know the right answers yourself.


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