Fence sitting

Opinion: For those still sitting on the fence I can offer this opinion. A few individuals in the past have asked who they should vote for or how does anyone reach out to others in hopes of changing minds. The answers are simple; on reaching out to others just ask honest questions and understand their answer then looking at it from their point of view so as to understand their reasoning. Also It should be a standard approach for everyone not to demonize others for their thoughts on a subject in most cases unless it’s apparent there is an evil intent with their thinking, but only point out what they really want or they should want to start with and if that point of view makes sense or not; of course knowing what it is being sought yourself should come first so to have a bases for your argument.
Voting; In order to vote for the right person an individual should know and understand that person which they are considering for any post and know what controls their heart and soul, their vary fiber as best possible, keeping in mind it’s not always their words but their deeds that can be more of an indicator of what it is that’s most important to them, and by that how they will represent you and your goals.
It’s also important with your effort to reach out to others, that you play to their sensitivities and ask what it is they wish for themselves and what their perceived needs are, and in gaining those desires does it give every other person the same benefit as they get, if it doesn’t that is a clear indication of someone selfishness and greed and only thinking of themselves.
In qualifying this opinion, why should anyone take my word for it! To better understand where I am coming from in guiding anyone to a sound decision, you first should know and understand that each time I joined with others and have been placed in a position of leadership using my own judgment for calling the shots on sales and public relations, and further given the proper financial support for those sales they increased substantially then fell immediately after my leaving that position then no longer having that influence, this was evident on more than one occasions, and having dozens of awards to show for that success pointing to the fact it was my influence that created a positive atmosphere for that success therefore giving credence to my approach and justifying why anyone should consider my approach. I mean you would want to take a failures word for it.


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