Historial Ignorance on display

Sunday, June 28. 2020

Historical ignorance

Much of the unrest seen today is obviously from the lack of having a true historical perspective and there is obviously little consideration given to the original concept forming societal norms and why those norms should or should not change or be changed as time goes on. This lack of knowledge can be attributed to the failings of the public educational system in present use by not having enough emphases on the past and how far we as a society have come, and then it must be asked what the goal is.

Many examples can be sited going back in history with other societies can be pointed to as both failures and successes, however there only needs to be a few to illustrate the issues of today.

In the case of the United States, what is it that is the main concern that should encompasses us all in achieving an ultimate goal of freedom and prosperity? Should it be an escape from tyranny and prejudice, and the feeling of equality that comes from that freedom, or slavery to a certain point of view that may be based in selfishness and greed such as a monarchy or totalitarianism?

Like many things apparent with the actions of a few, any or all meaning of certain events are memorialized using some methods like statuses has been lost. Even though confederates solders may be some of those memorialized by those statues it has to be known why they are memorialized to begin with, knowing the true meaning of democracy in the first place would help tremendously, and fighting for what a person believes in no matter which side they may be on is the bases for that democracy.

The very same things present day protestors claim to be in favor of, they wish to destroy.
It also has to be understood that slavery in any form is not a virtuous way to live but in reality so called slaves in the past where not owned by racist as claimed in many cases, for these oppressed and misused individuals could have been and often were other ethnic groups too. Take the Jews, the Irish and Chinese for example who were delegated certain jobs and also the Italians, they were also an oppressed and abused group, and in many cases still are.
And often it was their own kind who sold their fellow man into slavery, a practice still being undertaken today. The U S being singled out as being the only group guilty of such behavior is invalid as there are far more groups around the world that subscribed to the same practice including some blacks or Negroid societies which makes the argument being made in the country disingenuous?

In the case of Native Americans, most fail to understand that many tribe where and had been at war with each other for centuries long before the foreign settlors came, it was not always the case the colonist action caused that was abuse. Although there is a saying that is relevant, which outlines much of the abuse and mistrust? And that is “Hi I am from the Government and I am here to help” which in many cases that help end with disastrous results.

So what is the goal that some are trying to achieve it would be good to know, but don't they realize they are only harming themselves.

Break Down of the Society

Sunday, June 21. 2020

Breakdown of social order and society as a whole

To address the issue of misconduct within a group there is perhaps one vital element which causes that breakdown of any society, which is the lack of any responsibility. Also the concern should be what is considered a responsible move by some, that angle is often misunderstood on what is that proper course to follow in being responsible.
There is a guide that would aid in that decision where it was established eons ago and touted by our fore fathers as the basis for societal norms.

Most likely the area’s that should be considered in drawing any conclusions on what is the proper method of responsibility towards others undertaken by any group is just by:

Asking yourself what is it that we all seek?
(a) Do we seek safety? (How can any of us be safe if there is no safety net available?)
(b) Do we seek prosperity? (How can you seek and hang on to prosperity when you’re not safe)
(c) Do we seek the feeling of community? (How can you have a sense of belonging with any cooperation from others?)
(d) A clear understanding on why this nation was formed in the manner it was originally? (Without a clear understanding of who you are as a nation then how can you get to where you’re going?)
Then the only way these areas can be totally fulfilled and gain all you seek is by treating others the way you would wish to be treated yourself and through gaining a proper education, and not having a selfish intent of self-gratification that is not earned.

People need to make better decisions and be loss self- centered, and give more consideration to others needs.

The question is: What do you want? a world full of fear or the ability to go anywhere without that fear, then the answer is simple act properly with good intentions.

misguided individuals in society

Sunday, June 14. 2020

Misguided society

Many things contribute to misunderstandings of course, however one of those is the use of words in a way they were never intended. A number of examples can be sited that illustrates that point, and where that misconception leads to misunderstandings and often un-necessary violence.

Some of these examples are the names of many sports teams: the term “redskin” for example in title Washington Redskins is intended to note the bravery, tenacity and honor of the Native Americans in that area not a slur. Or “Atlanta Braves” which might be taken as an incorrect negative portrayal of Native Americans by some, but in fact it honors the Native Americans from that area as not cowards but brave souls and having a willingness to fight for their cause, and a desire to be associated with that memory of those brave people, the adoption of that reference is only signing praises to their heritage, what kind of idiot thinks differently!

Another and one of many examples is a term “Squaw peak” in Phoenix, a term only derogatory or slanderous if you make it so, but in truth it was never intended by its founders to be used in that fashion. If there was a desire to change it to honor a specific person that maybe a noble reason for that change and that’s fine, but it wasn’t presented in that light, it was portrayed as derogatory term as the reason to change it. Why is that a concern? It shows ignorance and corruption by some masked as a good deed where that kind of behavior may later affect other areas of individual freedoms. See how using words in the wrong way causes problems!

Take the current violent protest which are encouraged in some way through lie’s, deceit, misconceptions and ignorance, can be related in most cases that ignorance in some individuals was caused by our own mistakes through a bad educational system or intended corruption by a few, in any case it’s misguided conduct. Many of those who may be protesting a legitimate concern in a non-violent manner are over shadowed by those who have bad intentions to start with.

Many state as justification for their acts this country was started with violent protest, but one important distinction, those violent acts where not against themselves, that is one important detail left out of this argument by not having a single monarch with selfish intent to protest against, in truth it’s their own and everyone’s neighbors and in many case their supporters. It brings to light why everyone should be involved with choosing the right person to represent them and that doesn’t mean a republican or democrat but the right person. The truth is, even though most bad actors are not elected but appointed who may cause an issue; the elected officials are still responsible for their oversite.
There are 100’s of other examples of where there is either a misconception or ignorance by some.

But one important fact to consider is what is it you ultimately wish for? Something to ponder while considering that answer is freedom not only for you but for others as well.

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