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[For those who may not know, my opinion is]

Many in this country feel they know what government is, or what it should be, but in the U.S. what is it really; Misunderstanding has been observed in some and for those who don’t know, responsibility for governing this nation is not separate from its citizens as some may think, you as a citizen are just as responsible for every action of those you select through election as caretakers as anybody, it’s only separate in the daily operation and immediate requirements of everyday occurrences that may be required for its operation while not forgetting the needs or rights of its citizens. Though I don’t profess to know all that government believes are their duties, or what they think are those requirements of governing in every case for that daily operation, though it’s often known it requires walking a thin wire and a delicate balancing act of those responsibilities which are commonplace. Many details of operating each agency may be obscure, but there are some very basic concepts of government in the U.S. that I do understand and so should everyone else with what those obligations are, and can expect them to be carried out in our name professionally and with diligence. I do understand certain matters and probably the most important concept of all in government to remember is that by design the people are the government in this nation not one or a few other individuals in office, and those officials that oversee that government for our benefit are only caretakers of this land appointed by us and further responsible to us in every way for that proper governmental function, they’re not elected to be our rulers and do as they wish without regard for our desires first, they must be equal partners with all citizens, we cased off that idea of a monarch several hundred years ago in favor of self-government, we don’t need it now, and elected officials only dictate to us if we let them be our rulers and dictate. So when there is a complaint about any government actions just remembers the thought behind what government is and that is, you are the government. Which means you should choose your representative on merit not friendship or cronyism, I know that maybe hard to do but necessary.

Further disregard for our financial wellbeing as a country through a corrupt government is observed which can be evidenced by that misunderstanding of what government should be. Spending being abused by many in government both federally or State houses can be seen as one culprit regardless of party affiliation, but remembering whose money it is that is being spent is important for proper government. Keeping in mind who is the true owners of that money being used by those in Congress must be considered at all times, it’s not some fictitious entity as many think, it’s each person’s property, it’s us as individuals that it belongs to, not a particular person or group in Washington. We only lend or donate those assets to the universal coffers of government for a particular reason, Federally that reason is safe guarding our citizens from foes who would harm us as a people or a nation, it becomes problematic when those who are government officials misrepresent the meaning of safety and security, it doesn’t mean having to do everything for everyone just certain simple tasks, all else is a state’s responsibility with serving the citizens and their needs, unless authorized by that state through its people doing some kind of election to authorize it’s expanded use. Further it known that everyone should participate in the cost of that protection through functions of that Federal government without exceptions but that’s where that requirement ends since everyone benefits from it, anything else that is legitimate spending and has value to each person should be considered but we can and do expect that cost to be returned in a timely manner through cash or services or when no longer needed, beyond that any pet projects or frivolous spending that does not benefit the country or it’s people as a whole should be rejected or labeled un-constitutional. Many individuals in government positions seem to forget that important fact of ownership of assets, those who control the collection of fee’s or tax’s feel they deserve every penny of somebody else’s assets earned through the toils that some engage in, often in the form of hard earned income through productivity disregards that fact and don’t understand it’s not theirs for the taking, further indicating the lack of integrity and knowledge some people display on how to govern. However If people want a dictatorship that does as they wish say so it’s there right, but at least know what you’re wishing for.

{The challenge is for everyone to know understand what that original constitution says and implies which safe guarding our liberty, not just assuming what it means, this includes each and every citizen of this nation}

{The solution for insuring proper governing is implementing then maintaining all those provisions in that constitution without alteration and requiring those that govern adhere to their oath of office without deviation}

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