The Flag of the United States:

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What does the flag mean and why it should be honored? Many people in the U. S. today show disrespect for the Flag obviously by not knowing or understanding what that symbol of community represents, and in doing so shows the ignorance and selfishness with thinking only they are the ones who are most important at the same time forgetting others who may think differently than they. When dishonoring the Flag a person is sending a clear message they do not respect their neighbors or their fellow countrymen or those who either laid down their lives or those who would have done so if it came to that, to guarantee the freedoms this country has to offer or a sense of duty to those follow countrymen. And even though there are more appropriate methods of showing their disapproval of any condition that exist, it is sad that some have chosen that avenue of dishonoring their own symbol of freedom they have, they must hate themselves immensely.

What the Flag mean;

For those who don’t know the Thirteen stripes represents the original thirteen colonies which are a simple of unification representing all people in those colonies who joined together for self-protect, not one person being king or dictator.
The stars are the result of that unity in creating a group consisting of individuals with a common goal called States.

The Red stripe stands for the blood spilt coming from the valor courage and straight required to achieve that goal of freedom.

The white stripe if for purity and innocence of a fledgling Republic comprised of all individuals without exception.

And finally the blue background simplifies justice and the vigilance with the perseverance to acquire such justice for all souls.

In all there is nothing oppressive or exclusionary in that flag and if there is any oppression it’s from corrupt few or individuals that do not represent that flag. So there is no valid reason for anyone to disrespect that symbol unless they are truly un-American and don’t desire freedom or the protections it represents.

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