Cry to Defund policing Agencies

Sunday, July 5. 2020

Idiocy at work!

There has been a great deal of talk nationally by a small group of individuals about defunding the police in the past few months. Unfortunately this group is vary load and makes it seem it consists of many, but in fact it shows stupidity of some, to defund or cripple the police through the lack of funding or holding back any finances as suggested would only place at risk those who protest, ending up in cutting their own throats.

It is a known fact a few bad actors and selfish people, individuals who are part of the policing environment can spoil an image for all who partake in that activity, however there is a real and legitimate reason there are police which has been forgotten in some instances, which is to aid in the protection of those who need that protection and give those individuals assistances when required. If there were no more police available then who would be there to give that aid or assistance. One further point, some have suggested the police could be replaced with social workers or some other group, problem is if the true definition of police is considered then that replacement group would become the police, so how stupid is the idea of defunding the police.

The real problem is much deeper than just a few bad apples; it might seem to start with more training but it goes even deeper than that. It starts with each and every citizen who shirks their duty by not voting and others who do vote then allow in some cases corrupt or misguided individuals to get into those positions they hold then by that make bad choices on who they appoint to head certain subgroups such as agencies who further make bad hiring decisions in the first place.
It can only boil down to one thing as the culprit, lack of responsibility and ignorance!

One question that has to be asked, does anyone really know what policing is and what government is truly for in? any input or thoughts would be appreciated.

Special Addition for the Fourth of July

Friday, July 3. 2020

The fourth and what it means

This upcoming weekend there is a celebration being hold to commemorate the founding of our country and being free from tyranny, but some don’t appreciate and share those feeling of independence in a proper manner.

In order to put it all into proper perspective a person first should understand why this event occurred when it did.

History if referred to and looked back upon properly and understood correctly on what it represents becomes a great teacher of morality if it’s understood in its proper context and course of events described. Previous to signing and adopting the Declaration of Independence a majority of the world lived under the thumb and rule of only one person per region at a time such as a county or area. People where told and made to do various things that were detrimental to their own existence in many of those cases stripping many of any wealth or self-respect with no voice in either approving or rejecting those tasks. With the signing of the Declaration of Independence it was made apparent that would no longer stand as the status quo and would guarantee by it adoption the future freedom and prosperity of each individual if the ideas made obvious in that document where not lost.

And to further aid in its intent and worth as a concept an outline of freedoms described in that document along with the Constitution being put into place further by extension the Bill of Rights that followed to guarantee that right of independence exists, which right should not be tread upon in the future by anyone unless freedom lost, remember if anyone disagrees with what it stands for they are free to leave. As a symbol of that struggle to gain independence and freedom from tyranny and show unity as a people with that effort, a flag was created to illustrate those convictions that represents all citizens not just one who believe in that theory. So sadly any and all who disrespect that flag in any manner is disrespecting themselves in that process. Destruction and damaging of that symbol may be seen as free speech by some but in truth it is bad behavior and lack of respect for everyone and should not be tolerated.

Historial Ignorance on display

Sunday, June 28. 2020

Historical ignorance

Much of the unrest seen today is obviously from the lack of having a true historical perspective and there is obviously little consideration given to the original concept forming societal norms and why those norms should or should not change or be changed as time goes on. This lack of knowledge can be attributed to the failings of the public educational system in present use by not having enough emphases on the past and how far we as a society have come, and then it must be asked what the goal is.

Many examples can be sited going back in history with other societies can be pointed to as both failures and successes, however there only needs to be a few to illustrate the issues of today.

In the case of the United States, what is it that is the main concern that should encompasses us all in achieving an ultimate goal of freedom and prosperity? Should it be an escape from tyranny and prejudice, and the feeling of equality that comes from that freedom, or slavery to a certain point of view that may be based in selfishness and greed such as a monarchy or totalitarianism?

Like many things apparent with the actions of a few, any or all meaning of certain events are memorialized using some methods like statuses has been lost. Even though confederates solders may be some of those memorialized by those statues it has to be known why they are memorialized to begin with, knowing the true meaning of democracy in the first place would help tremendously, and fighting for what a person believes in no matter which side they may be on is the bases for that democracy.

The very same things present day protestors claim to be in favor of, they wish to destroy.
It also has to be understood that slavery in any form is not a virtuous way to live but in reality so called slaves in the past where not owned by racist as claimed in many cases, for these oppressed and misused individuals could have been and often were other ethnic groups too. Take the Jews, the Irish and Chinese for example who were delegated certain jobs and also the Italians, they were also an oppressed and abused group, and in many cases still are.
And often it was their own kind who sold their fellow man into slavery, a practice still being undertaken today. The U S being singled out as being the only group guilty of such behavior is invalid as there are far more groups around the world that subscribed to the same practice including some blacks or Negroid societies which makes the argument being made in the country disingenuous?

In the case of Native Americans, most fail to understand that many tribe where and had been at war with each other for centuries long before the foreign settlors came, it was not always the case the colonist action caused that was abuse. Although there is a saying that is relevant, which outlines much of the abuse and mistrust? And that is “Hi I am from the Government and I am here to help” which in many cases that help end with disastrous results.

So what is the goal that some are trying to achieve it would be good to know, but don't they realize they are only harming themselves.

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