China and Foreign Trade and why it's a concern

Sunday, August 2. 2020

China and Foreign Trade and why it’s a concern

China trade has come about in its present state because of the stupidity and greed by many not paying proper attention to their actions and how those actions influences future conditions of social interactions between cultures, also certain actions taken especially by the labor unions who have aided in driving up the cost of goods so high in this country, that in order for some people to survive and prosper or just to feed their families had to find alternate sources for that purpose. Without a dough I have also fallen into this trap lower cost along with many others at some point by seeking that alternative source, but the down side of doing so has many different consequences to it one is the lack of security, where not only does it deprive others who are our fellow countrymen from having that opportunity to make a living, but it also supports possible foo’s who may wish harm or gain supremacy in some fashion over us by allowing them to have an income to build up their military force and other method to use against us at some point. Problem is the ordinary citizens of those places like China who have no political aspirations and only wish to support their own families are caught in the middle. The problem becomes how do you punish some for bad behavior of others and not affect innocent people.

What then astonishes me, we as a nation came to their recue and aid doing WWii showing passion by aiding their nation to maintain or achieve freedom to and as they will, what then would cause some people within their society to change the basic attitudes towards the U S to deteriorate.

Sedition and what it Means

Sunday, July 26. 2020


According to Merriam Webster Sedition is the: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

It is apparent those conditions exist in some portions of the U S which meet that definition of sedition, and it is further clear in the constitution, if followed, there are remedies to resolve that kind of behavior that is if people are brave enough to abide by that requirement.

There is a marked difference between peaceful protests bringing certain injustices to light and shining a spot light on what contributes to those injustices, and violent acts or action just for the sake of rioting which causes mayhem and destruction in the process that is not proper behavior. However sedition in this case can be seen as treasonous, denouncing ones citizenship and or allegiance to this country, then by becoming insurgents, using the correct definition of insurgents, they are not citizens of this nation, therefore being insurgents acting against the legitimate population who claim true citizenship with all the rights given by that citizenship then sedition by some should be met with violence in return if necessary. It is true that in many ways it was a violent act that helped found this country, where individuals undertook such activity to achieve their independence from a tyrant, but that act was not aimed at its own patriotic and responsible population but at an outside influence. Also there are ample provisions in the original constitution to guarantee that everyone in this country would be treated fairly and equally including minorities if followed where some are blacks or African-Americans, so it is not the structure of the constitution which is at fault and needs changing but its more some of the people and how they act who have high jacked certain powers and misused them over the years and have corrupted the meaning of that document and its interpretation for their own purpose.

For example; this country was never founded by each and every individual in the colonies believing they should create a slave nation and that would be a proper thing to do as some suggest, if that is what this rioting is about anyway! Any perception of that being the true intent of the constitution is false, and a perceived point was only a provision that was stated in such a manner, (property or happiness) to insure a consensus between many for increasing needed national strength to be used against a foo and to form a stronger union that could survive and be independent till hearts and minds could be changed, which they eventually were that was the assumed intent. It was also a fact the process of enslaving people, any person, existed throughout the entire world mostly perpetrated by blacks or people from the middle east on their own people, not just In the U S, and encompassed more than one race, there were many others like Chinese immigrants, Irish, Italians and Jews who suffered some sort of slavery or discrimination which still exist today in some way with certain groups if only underground and out of sight in many places. This practice has to be dealt with within the U S and other places where certain groups subscribe to the notion of slavery of any type including political slavery and change is needed.
It should also be noted that compassion is a good thing to exhibit and practice, but a question needs to be asked, how can you show compassion to someone disrupting your life and liberty and those freedoms you expect in this life or for those trying to harm or illegally stand in your way, in truth, they need to be stopped by a responsible community and not allowed to continue even if that means actions by every day individuals.

These violent protesters around the U S are something different than those kinds of protesters seen in Hong Kong in recent history and should be harshly dealt with through incarceration or handle in the same manner any enemy would be treated regardless of where that enemy maybe found, whether here or abroad, but stopped using police activity or military actions if it comes to that to insure the safety and property of the citizenry. And further, anyone aiding and abetting that kind of behavior being demonstrated by the violent actions of some should be dealt with as well in some way, those individuals such as misguided politicians.

However with all said, in no way should it be understood there are any incitements to act by individuals or inducements of any kind with this article calling on ordinary citizens to take certain matters in their owns hands unless they do not receive that help from appointed officials as required by law in protecting what is theirs, and only if a lawful group is appointed by the masses in a legal manner through legitimate process, even if it be an emergency process to appointment a body to protect themselves which is an entirely different matter.

So another question is; what kind of world do you wish to live in and when do you standup for your rights. That’s where voting in the proper way and voicing your opinion by that vote and fully understanding who it is you support comes in.

A Repost to Ponder Over

Sunday, July 19. 2020

Are you normally selfish or self-centered? these may be the reason for not helping your community achieve certain goals on numerous occasions.

That is a question that needs to be asked of everyone, but before you ask yourself think hard and be honest. There is and always has been good reason for everyone’s involvement but that seldom occurs.
In the past more over the recent past it has been demonstrated by some that they are willing to help when called on to do so, but it’s unfortunate the real effort should be made outwardly at all times, that’s the point. It’s also unfortunate that the motives of some are suspect; however there seems to be a real concern by many others at least at prescribed times anyway to offer that help when needed, and those individuals should receive applause by all.
As like many others however who wish to air out some grievance, there is a struggle to gain some sort of widespread public interest in helping with addressing that grievance or any others being expressed, especially with those concerns which may come about effecting everyone’s freedoms and rights both now and in the future!
I must say however in justifying why it is I should have more of a voice than anyone else, I shouldn’t, but there is a good reason at this point of time for my thoughts and concerns and having more influence than someone else. I have been wronged by the state and denied legitimate income and other freedoms by many of these actions taken by the state and their representatives for no good reason, and where few or none seem to have an interest in insuring that wrong is corrected and further doesn’t continue on and happen to others. I am just as equal and important with the same rights as those of the next person in that regard, but they also have rights too which must be considered at all times, so it’s understood there is a fine eye of the needle that must be threaded in insuring those rights. The simple answer in this case is that I like so many others who have what is called skin in the game then what effect one like me affects many other individuals too including you.

For the multitudes there is a reason for their existence and careers endeavors, for example there are garbage collectors on one end of the spectrum and there are doctors on the other end and many occupations in between, in your case you have ended up justifying work ethic and pointing out the value and benefits of that work and the necessity of certain endeavors as being necessary to complete some sort of need which many or all have, which has given you a platform to influence others, that’s your calling and it has given you a wider range of influence than many. With work and other aspects of social behavior a concern of yours, I figured you may be a good spokesperson to help air my plight. Since I respect and agree with much of what you and a few others say then I am reaching out to you to support my efforts in curing that plight whenever possible by standing together with whatever influence we each may have to bring attention to this matter that could affect everyone.

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