Making Political Decisions that affect your life:

Sunday, October 25. 2020

Most people feel they make the right choices and justify their position through what they think is intelligence, but that intelligence is often flawed, or why is it so many continue making the same mistakes over and over.
Intelligence is often confused with being knowledgeable where it is proven time and again it isn’t; again many are not as intelligent as they may think when weighing their choices. In so many cases where a political decision has to be made the outcome is not always what’s desired, and then by knowing the difference between the two can be important.

Intelligence can be described as the ability to correctly use that knowledge that has been gained through education and other efforts or is presented regardless of how in some manner, in other words possess correct common sense bases on a predetermined set of norms.

Where knowledgeable can describe as the collection and retaining of certain facts, but by having those facts does not always mean that someone knows how to interpret them correctly and turn them around and properly use those facts as guides.

Many think they have the proper knowledge to make certain choices but evidently they don’t, why, what some fail to understand is the knowledge they have been given to them in some way may be incorrect or just outright criminally corrupt. That is so evident in so many ways with a number of points of view that many profess. But what could always work well and place any and all on the correct path is considering what the actual outcome may be and what is expected by that position taken. One point is clear, everyone wants freedoms to do many things but a number only see it as freedoms for themselves and no one else that pertains to small groups also. The issue in many cases is you can only have it one way, there is only black and white to determine what’s right or wrong although there can be varying shades of grey in some cases but the grey’s don’t make it right only convenient for some.

When it Comes to Voting

Monday, October 19. 2020

What should a person look for in deciding on their vote depends on what people are really looking for and an easy way of making your point to others and why it may be right, whether they are friend of foo is just that.
A question that needs to be ask in conversation is, are you a Donald Trump supporter or do you as a person lean more towards Joe Biden and why? In the future substituting the names given the times as this is only a conversation starter, and in that process the answer should be clear. One of the most difficult things to do at certain times is talking and making sense at the dinner table so to speak or any like circumstance and having a way of doing that without any conflicts would be putting the onus on others, like did you hear what blank said, if that’s the approach then it doesn’t seem as if it’s coming from you and your only repeating what you heard, that way it doesn’t sound like an attack and maybe you can make more headway. After all you want to be taken seriously if your goal is to change minds.
First you have to look at the position that’s being argued, and clarify them; do you want someone to put your interest first for example, or do you want someone selfish and specific only to them or a small group. In the case of President Trump he obviously can’t be everything to everyone neither can Biden but Trump’s efforts are pointed at everyone and their best interest that may be what spells the difference.
It’s clear with Biden that only a specific group matters to him, whether he is a nice person at times or not the obvious take away is there could be corruption there or in the past at least at times would it continue.
Pros and Cons on both individuals taken from each candidate’s own statements are;
1, Joe Bidden would raise taxes and thinks it will only affect one group which is wrong, if taxes are raise on the rich it will be passed on to the group that isn’t supposed to be tax making it a tax on everyone.
A second point is to only tax one group and not another equally is un-constitutional anyway.
President Trump won’t raise taxes for the sake of raising taxes.
2, Joe Bidden also talks about heath care for all, where we already have that. But what he and others are talking about is forcing everyone to pay for the health care for everyone whether they can afford it or not. Of course the other concern which is the quality of health care for all, that real heath care would be denied to everyone.
President Trump’s position would make sure everyone could have access to the best care they could obtain and not denying that best care.
3, Joe Bidden would offer amnesty to the world letting anyone come into this country. And In doing so would create a financial hardship on those already here and further destroying the quality of life and interfering with the prosperity of the present citizens. Not understanding of course to allow anyone into the country is a kind to allowing just anyone into your own personal home whether they would protect it or not.
President Trump would allow certain proper immigration while avoiding any criminal element gaining entrance to your home.
4, Joe Bidden has stated when it benefits him to say so that he supports a green new deal whether it’s one proposed by others or not is not as important as he has supported one and in doing so though imposed regulation would close down a number of industries. The problem with that is it would also limit many others that are not engaged directly with those industries further damaging the economy, being doing that would also hamper federal and state tax base that would fuel many other projects he proposes.
President Trump would not impose any destructive regulations and knows we are already moving forward on limiting the emissions into the climate and have for years.
5, Biden fails to even openly denounce certain groups causing mayhem and damage to people’s lives and livelihood which would be a sign of weakness unless he sees it may be in his best interest prodded on by certain handlers.
President Trump denounced these outrages when they first occurred hoping those elected to oversee the handling and correcting of these matters took place.
6, Biden wants to give away things but he has no possible way of providing what he’s thinking of giving. He wants free schooling for everyone for example, which is a grand idea but it’s impossible, why if everyone gets free education then there wouldn’t be no one to pay for it, other than those your trying to give free education to, the end result is everyone ends up paying for their own benefits through others creating a roundhouse or roundabout effect.
President Trumps wants those who can afford it and has a desire to help offer that help in the way of grants and willing contributions.
7, Joe Biden’s answer to covid-19, is much of the same position taken and implemented by the Trump administration with one difference other than coward ness. He may think he has the answer but he is only stabbing in the dark and really has no idea of what the virus is or how it spread.
President Trump however has recognized that much is unknown about this particular virus to date and it has no more or less concern for it than any other virus, he knows they are all serious
8, to encapsulate all other positions that Mr. Biden says he’s for other than just pandering to a certain groups, the basic theme is equality, regardless if it the LGBT community or the Jewish or Indian community however it doesn’t matter, all those protections are already guaranteed in the original constitution, the issue is individuals person recognizing the constitution or not.
President Trump on the other hand by adhering to the constitution already recognizes all these guarantees so what’s Biden’s advantage.
9, President has a gruff and callus way of speech which is the expected norm for anyone from New York City and is often brutally honest which can be a desirable treat.
Whereas Biden when speaking coherently, has much more of a soothing un- intrusive voice.
10, But in all any Democrat offering made either by Joe Biden or anyone else can be seen only as a way to gain power to be able to exercise their will in making certain decisions in order to run roughshod over each citizen and rape the pocket books of those ordinary citizens for the benefit of Democrats who are in charge and run that party for their own financial gain, enlisting the aid of many good upstanding citizens to aid in that effort not telling them the true intent.
With these afore mentioned pros and cons why would anyone vote for a modern day Democrat?

Integrity and honesty a requirement for good citizenship:

Sunday, October 11. 2020

With the current state of affairs in this country being what they are, a reminder of what’s required of each person is called for, no matter who those people are. There is a great many that may disagree with my positions and opinions but this nation was built on the idea that everyone has a right to their own opinion, forsaking any interference with that right by anyone who would stand in the way of that birth right. However, one of the most important duties that each one of us has is to be the best citizen one is allowed to be from birth. But It is also known that it’s not always afforded to each person In the way it should be, individuals who are eligible, but remember, to deny those birth rights to any citizen is a violation of the very essence of what our nation stands for and meant to be, if not then way does anyone fight to preserve it, the nation should be a haven for those seeking freedom, prosperity and self-respect, then I can’t discern what the problem is, what causes such stupidity with some. Also as we get older it is our duty to aid and educate those that follow, instilling those principles we trust in and should live by, and to others so they may pass on the same values to even more, but I am afraid those teachings are in jeopardy if current actions by some aren’t redirected back to those basic standards which allowed this country to prosper and be that just society thought of by many around the world.
Many of the ills that plague us from violent gangs to criminal misdeeds and by some of those who we elect and others in everyday society could be cured just by adhering to certain principles laid out by previous individuals in the past who saw the value and advantage of unity and working together unselfishly to gain an equal outcome for all.
And for those in Arizona and who know and understand this message please do yourself a favor and for the benefit of you’re off spring if any, and pass it on.

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