Socialism and what it means to our freedoms

Posted by Administrator on Monday, March 2. 2020 at 16:27 in General Discussion
Socialism and what it means to our freedoms

Some look to Socialism as a positive solution to much that is wrong with society, although in many cases socialism sounds good but little attention is given to those negative effects which occur when socialism is practiced. Many or most who speak of socialism as if it may be a cure for the ills of society then they are either totally ignorant of facts or corrupt in both a moral and criminal manner.

It can also be said to justify their position on Socialism many even refer to Christ as a Socialists which is far from the truth just by paying attention to his teachings that had been chronicled through scripture it would be evident. Any reference to that type of activity by him were many had been gleaned from what they and others may had thought was the meaning of his works and what those works meant, then later subscribed to many of those thoughts perceived to be true at a later date as seen in scripture to make it look as if supporting that philosophy often those thoughts relied on to make take determination had been written by others.
[Being Social is in no way Socialism as it's practiced as a political philosophy]

Attention must be paid to the following conditions which socialism presents and offers, and consider the effects that are realized by those acts.
Requirement: Socialism calls for the Confiscation of all things owned by one and given to others who have in no way earned them.
Effects: By confiscation it lessons or does away with any incentive to achieve and better oneself by having no reward for those efforts which those achievements would benefit others by those accomplishments.
Those individuals who are interested in Socialism the question is does that idea sound like betting things.
Another compliant from those who favor socialism is at least in some fashion, they rale against corporations as being evil. That’s another area where their thinking is flawed and either shows ignorance or corruption.
Corporations are made up of ordinary individuals attempting to achieve a goal with the greatest amount of brain power and strength of numbers as possible. The very same approach that many who are seeking a socialist society attempts though the power of numbers. The corporations aren’t evil; it’s the persons behind any certain one.
Looking at the subject just using basic math it’s hard to understand why anyone would see any benefit of a socialist society since the numbers never add up this is no freedom with socialism only tyranny.


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Thanks for your comment even with the broken English I wish I could continue forever but out some point there would need another to pick up effort

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