Using the Common Sense Rule

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, February 16. 2020 at 14:00 in General Discussion
Using Common Sense

When using common sense as grounds for any decision that is made regarding any subject or matter being considered care must be used in determining if that common sense is correct or not since everyone feels they possess common sense at least in one form or another. To make that determination there must be a common rule or set of rules to relate to for a comparison.

Several points come to mind for any consideration given to determine if the right path is selected for the purposes of making a correct common sense decision, one being the Ten Commandment as a guide. It is often mentioned by some that these guides are meant for a specific group other than for themselves but if studied correctly it is obvious there isn’t any specific group in mind but all individuals are included.
In some form or another, these principles outlined in those commandments are used by everyone, sometimes selfishly for their own benefit, even atheist use them at times, but never the less, they can and should form a base from which all else stems from.

In making any decision for selecting any specific political candidate these rules should be applied.
For example, one or more candidates make a statement we should take back or country, and I say take back from whom! everyone has their point of view what makes one better than the other.
Some say that everything should be free of charge, but common sense dictates the fact that since there isn’t enough money to accomplish that goal then those who supposedly benefit from anything being free will ultimately have to pay for it anyway, so then it’s not free, that is if we are to keep our rights. Oh sure we can print more worthless money that longer has any value but then you end up like other failed societies.


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I think the admin of this website is actually working hard for his site, for the reason that here every data is quality based stuff.

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