Free Market VS. Socialism

Posted by Administrator on Monday, February 10. 2020 at 15:22 in General Discussion
Free Market VS. Socialism

Certainly in most cases Socialism may sound like a good idea on its surface, but most individuals who embrace that kind of thought have one or more flaws in that way of thinking. One defect is not thinking though fully what the final result may be by adopting Socialism and not understanding how it can harm everybody including themselves, if not now then at some point, or at least harming their offspring in the future by not understanding what is truly feasible as an end goal, is it to inspire creativity? I doubt it, so there may be some other more sinister reason for adopting a Socialist philosophy. One other possibility is that it stems from corruption and criminal intent one the part of a few.

A number of examples can be made which counter any reliance on collectivism in any form whether it be true Communism or Socialism even totalitarianism of some kind, of course anyone can be seen as fools and support those kinds of policies if they wish, and embracing such a philosophy would be one way of showing that, but it also shows total ignorance and ignorance is exactly what education is aimed at eliminating, that is, if it’s not corrupt.

One example would be free Education, but then how would the educators be paid, and idea that sounds good but is flawed!
Another example is free Health care for all but again how would the Doctors and Nurses be paid, one mistake many make is the money to pay for these freebies are someone else’s to give out and not hampered in anyway with limited quantities of money available and has endless resources to draw from which in itself is flawed.
Another cry from some is for workers to unite, but it has to be asked workers unite in what? Many Individuals already have more than enough to support life unlike many on the left may say.

Has anyone thought about just being a consciences unselfish person to cure most ill’s, apparently just from current events many haven't!


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