Riots Without Reason

Sunday, May 31. 2020

Lately there has been rioting without apparent reason taking place in many communities, not to say there is no bases for any protest, there are, that is an American right, especially to aid in pointing out certain irregularities that exist and bad actions by some which seem to go unnoticed with using other methods, most assuredly however when rights have been trampled on.
However it has to be pointed out that many in other cultures around the world who look to this society for guidance watch and take notice of what examples can be gleaned from our system of handling certain matters. And violence and lawlessness is a poor example to set to influence many others that our system is best.
The term “Ugly American” can take on a true meaning for many in the world by what is projected by some individuals as representing the mass and entirety of the population of the U S, when in actually it may not be accurate, but onlookers can’t determine that realism as fact or not always, even though that sentiment is growing and the cause of that sentiment can be seen as having good reason to exist.
It further demonstrates either the complete ignorance or criminal intent of some, where that ignorance can be a product of a bad education by purposely failing to instruct in the proper subjects that outline responsibility correctly, or in a proper fashion when attempting that instruction anyway, noting there are some that are efficient and well-meaning at what they do but not all, and the reasons for any criminal activity? Can only be guest at, but probably from a liberal out look that some have allowing and prompting such activity to flourish. One example would be exempting of some from any financial liability by not taxing certain individuals so as to have any ownership in society so there is no concern over who has paid for that item, if they were then that would give pause to any destructive activity, besides being in step with the constitution provisions of having equal treatment for all. Another example is affirmative action where there isn’t any standard used in determining qualification of an individual for a certain positions, if there had been a standard of choosing the most competent then this and many others individuals filling a certain position would not of been selected to begin with.
The bottom line is the Construction calls for action to be taken not only to foreign threats but domestic threats as well and any violent up ridings of any kind is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with as criminal with criminal punishment. Any weakness to take such action is not only Un-American but criminal itself.

Responsability, its key for true freedom!

Monday, May 4. 2020

Personal Responsibility and self-reliance is Key to freedom and Harmony

As required by the U.S. Constitution for its very survival or existence and any benefits that all citizens may receive through its influence, personal reasonability is key to establish those benefits.
That key of responsibility is what gives us or helps to give us all those freedoms everyone should enjoy daily, further knowing what constitutes that responsibility is just as important as the act itself. The problem is that many have no idea of what that responsibility is or what it’s comprised of, or even care to find out for themselves what it may be, in many cases that lack of caring comes from the improper education and guidance from their guardians when they are young individuals.
So many are engaged only in their own self-interest that many forget there are others that have the same rights as they do also.

With respect to the present coronavirus that exists today it comes with many facets of responsibility attached, first not only do individuals not wish to contract the illness themselves, but in many cases they do not want to pass it on to others either. Unfortunately there are those few who don’t care one way or the other and only care about their own existence and pleasures which may harm others and make it difficult for many to exercise their rights.

There is a side to this issue that must be considered too, and that is, with some or all the difficulties brought by a certain circumstance that causes some to react the way they do, there must be a line drawn between a sincere desire to protect the interest of everyone and protection of a few, and further care must be taken to insure that there is no corrupt intent behind any action taken by some.

For example: taking things too far and using draconian measures or what seems to be draconian in any effort to accomplish any goal and not trusting the general citizenry to do the right thing may erupt in unintended consciences such as rebellious acts and where protest can be seen as a legitimate act of defiance. On the other hand it may be that certain measures being instituted are either understood or misunderstood by all parties and or not well thought out as to the effects of some decisions and at that point who could be seen as irresponsable, that is certainly a question that everyone should ask not just leaving it up to interpretation, further making such decisions perfectly clear as to the intent may go a long way to cure many ills.That all boils down to choosing the right representative in the first place.

As always any dissenting views as requested and any others thoughts are encouraged.

Corruption and progressivism

Sunday, April 5. 2020

The corruption caused by Progressivism

Understanding the corruption caused by Progressivism a person must first understand what progress means in any of it's forms. The understanding of what progress means per Mariam Webster paraphrased is, it is known as the supposed movement forward with a way of thinking away from current ideas or thoughts that are held by some thinking it would improve on what currently exists; the unfortunate part is it doesn’t accomplish that goal of changing anything for the better with present day politics. However in the way that the so called political progressives of modern day society view moving forward can actually be seen as regressive thought and ideas to embrace an older standard pre dating the U S Constitution, to a European way of thought or some other social or governmental order.

The principle point of the original U S Constitution of 1776 stresses freedom and equality for all which hadn’t been seen before in the past with most other governmental structures, and further was not meant just for a specific group to gain some sort of advantage, it however was meant to veer away from totalitarian or tyrannical rule to a free and just society with moral integrity with everyone having a say in how their lives would benefit and progress.

A fact cannot be argued that the original ideas presented by that document are unjust in anyway. If the original concepts are followed where it had been previously establish by that constitution, then there would not be any inequalities suffered by anyone at any time and every person would have the same and equal benefits and opportunities it offers. Not adhering to those standards by a few that are set by the Constitution may however at some point in the future deprive those progressives or someone close to them by rejecting these principles set by the constitution from any benefit which may be deserved by any one person.

It should also be stressed there is nothing within the U S Constitution that is at odds with regards to any modern way of life like some say. Its not the Constitution that presence a problem, it is the un-constitutional laws or actions engaged in and not understanding their consequences prior to their enactment and enforcement at a later date that presents any issues or restrictions or obstacles that are illegal and untenable.

A number of examples can be cited where progressivism destroys everyones lives and does nothing to improve those lives as thought, but the one subject that’s most discussed is how abortion is seen as a Federal obligation, where in fact it isn’t truly the responsibility of the Federal government to make any rules on that subject, not even the States or local governments should be concerned in some ways, however any death it may cause by early termination without just cause Is there concern, but just cause is not just simply deciding a person doesn’t want a child any longer for little or no reason.The fact is a women has certain rights and choice that's true her health is one of them, abortion under certain circumstances like rape, incest or for reasons that threatens the life of the mother is just but not any illegal activities such as murder and taking any life after conception is just that, but then so does a man have certain rights also but neither have the right of terminating a life just because they wish, there has to be a valid reason and being irrespirable is not one of them. Perhaps the real point to be considered first is who’s is truly responsible and what the role of the Federal government is for to begin with, many mistake it as being designed only for them, the problem is if that's true that would leave others out trampling on their rights, violating the vary premise of why there is a constitution to protect everyone rights, even in some cases those that use the government for the own purposes.

Democray and how it works

Monday, March 16. 2020

Democracy and how it works

Democracy and how it works is a subject that is spoken of one way or the other by some, but far too few in this free society actually engage in Democracy were they should, that society requires a democratic approach to function and survive fail to take full advantage of what it has to offer and what the responsibilities of those that benefit by it and receive from it are. Democracy is not achieved by just name calling and engaging in any opposition to a particular proposal just because it comes from someone else rather than themselves. True democracy is gained by working together as one to achieve a common goal.

It is recognized however full democracy may present some opportunity for dissenting arguments, but one thing must prevail over all else, that is seeking a beneficial outcome for all. The lying and misrepresentations made by some to gain some sort of advantage is in the final analysis is a disservice even to them and does not serve true democracy.

{A question which must be asked of everyone is, what is it that a person really wants and how to achieve it}
Careful thought must be given to that question posed above making sure there are no selfish reasons for whatever answer anyone comes up with.

Complacency is certainly a major enemy to democracy, also a failure to communicate can be seen as a contributor to any misunderstandings that may occur. In order to achieve any common goal, a person most know what someone else thinks and feels to have the ability to gage in any endeavor and be truly free.
It can also be said that no one has any grounds for complaining, for any reason, if they do not express an opinion on any matter, in most cases that sharing of opinion is gained by voting on certain subjects, however, that does not preclude any verbal arguments made by some that represent a certain faction or group of people, those individuals that speak on others behalf are known as leaders, which being a leader doesn’t mean a certain individual is better than someone else, but for simplicity sake one person is elected to speak for others in that group, and because of that responsibility to speak on others behalf there must be a certainty they represent a consensus of the majority, keeping in mind the minority has rights to, which is a perfect example of why any decision should be based on benefiting everyone, if it doesn’t then it should not be considered in the first place.
Democracy relies on individuals and those that make certain arguments on the behalf of those they serve, by being fully competent and honest with their responsibilities, if they are not then they do not deserve to be in the position they fill. It is also the responsibility for all those that have a legal right to express their opinion through vote to do so.

Although there are many more aspects to democracy to consider the above opinion covers much that should be considered, which is keeping it plain and simple.

Gender and Ethnicity in politics

Sunday, March 8. 2020

Gender and ethnicity in politics and the responsibilities that goes with it

Much talk has been undertaken lately on the subject of who should be given a chance to possess a certain post, whereas that decision should be an easy one.

Any confusion or concern over this matter can be dispelled and summerized in a few words.

It is said by some that it’s time for a female to hold certain positions regarding a number of offices or posts and have the same responsibility that goes with it. It has also been discussed that a minority person should be given the same opportunity, which in some ways would make perfect sense that encompass many concerns over inclusiveness in any form which may be considered, but that is not the real objective which should be considered, the best qualified person should be the main objective.

However to secure the best possible outcome for everyone’s safety and security a choice should not be driven only by selecting any particular gender or and ethnic group for deciding such issues which may play a part in daily activities, it must be the most and best qualified person who comes out on top of any appointment then oversees any decision making process or leadership role for any offering or endeavor. Which brings up another point, concerning any white male or age group being considered the only exception would be the heath of the person, that is, the person chosen for that post being sought should be the most qualified under any circumstance for undertaking any task that’s required regardless of race, gender or age, which doing so may cure many ill’s which may be present.

Even in a non free society’s to secure peace and prosperity and guarantees of safety for everyone including those who rule people should always seek to be lead and guided by the best qualified individuals and if that is not possible then that is a good argument why those that rule should not be in the position they are.

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