Re-Educating America Part7, The three branches of Government and there presumed functions: Executive Branch, as in all cases an executive is one who makes sure everything is coordinated and runs smoothly while taking overall control over the daily operation with the aid of a cabinet as advisors for operation of that entity being presided over. Where some of those obligations and duties include commander in chief of the armed forces, as well as insuring the general safety and rights of those the executive watches over, in this case the country and all people’s within it. The Legislative Branch consists of two separate Branches with Distinctly Different Obligations and Functions: The Senate, What many may not know or has forgotten is the Senate is a body representing the different States and having the duty to advise and consent the Executive branch of its obligations regarding those States and their operations along with insuring they executive follows Federal guidelines in relation to those States, along with many other duties, such as overseeing the function of executive powers insuring the protections and equal treatment of those States and the people within them, also aiding in any decisions made over certain matters delegated to the senate. The Senate lacks any real power or authority to represent the individual person directly and should only reflect the attitudes of that state which in turn if that particular state is functioning properly, should reflects those attitudes of the people making up that state’s population, other powers then left up to others and only through and with that State has and functions beyond those duties delegated to it and doesn’t represent the individual per say. The House of Representatives, with representing the individual citizens as a duty the House has the soul charge over of impeachment of any person within that government for any criminal act being undertaken by that perpetrator reaching a certain level or any malfeasance by that person which that impeachment may be begun for the protection and benefit of the individual citizen and their rights through that removal. (Footnote 1) This body is also solely in charge of the purse strings of and for the nation and the only body with the authority to approve Tax’s and new money not previously authorized, and where it has the sole function among certain other duties as being the direct representative of the average citizen, and among their vast duties to aid in bringing grievances made known from the average person against that government to insure their inclusion of all those demanding equal rights and benefits afforded to those citizens. Judicial branch: the judicial branch shall be made up of an uneven numbers and remain totally un-bias and only rule on the merits and legality of any proposal being place before it, and guarantee it’s adherence to the constitutional guidelines and only the constitution with no other influence. [It has be noted these statements and opinions are only being made as a refresher to help in re-establishing of certain viewpoints and values which some may have forgotten, and to use as a guide for instructing others in your sphere who may be lacking in certain matters of knowledge] Footnote 1, for the sake of understanding impeachment and its purpose, it should be expressly forbidden as a political tool for the soul purpose of attacking a political opponent.