Re-Educating America part4, Understanding the 2nd Amendment: A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. That means all individuals with no exceptions who possess the character and integrity of being, and who has a stake in their own freedoms and that of others, who possess the basic knowledge in the proper use of those types of instruments, made for that purpose of self-protection shall be eligible. And since the basic premise behind U S citizenship is self-governance, then further all documented and certified U S citizens each person having a stake in that future security of this nation and its governance, may find it necessary to protect and defend that nation practicing such a form of government at some point in time, if so then each person would be considered a part of that Militia at any time required, now, then or later protecting against threats from without or within from any seditious acts, not meaning individually but with the authority given by a majority of the citizenry through an authorized agency. There is a reason and purpose behind the second amendment that many fail to see, understand or acknowledge those reasons as fact, and for this and other reasons makes it imperative this amendment is held dear and taught it’s meaning by all that value freedom in an effort to counter such ignorance. It’s not so much there may be a superior force that ordinary people may face and not be able to stand a chance against that force as much as there could be at least be some significant damage to that force if used in any way to subrogate or enslave the ordinary citizen. Why support the Republican effort, or that of those just identifying as American, and why each person has a duty to insure this clause is correctly known to all? Many reasons may prevail as correct but one is sufficient, FREEDOM. It is clear the Democratic platform fails to mention those values placing us Republicans and all Americans alike at odds with that philosophy, but to be fair those concepts of the founding of America are often distorted by a few selfish and corrupt individuals in both camps to secure their own desires and personal comforts forgetting many others who also have a stake in the operation and character of this nation, these individuals spoken of being from all groups in this society.