Re-Educating America part 1: Speech vs. Expression: some donít seem to understand the correct meaning of free speech or expression which appears in the First Amendment of the Constitution. What better group then to standby, promote and educate otherís in the proper use of those terms than those who openly profess there importance like the Republican party and its members. Itís certain giving current events that someone must stand up and take on this chore to re-educate or at least remind some or all of what the founding principles meant to our existence, not just complaint but take legitimate positive actions though education. Certainly there are a few like President Trump who are making that effort, along with a number of others if only through example. In this effort to create unity through educating people to a common goal, adding another voice could be beneficial like yours, then the more the merrier.

It is clear the Democratic platform fails to mention those values placing us Republicans and Americans alike at odds with that philosophy, but to be fair those concepts of the founding are often distorted by a few selfish and corrupt individuals in both camps to secure their own desires and personal comforts forgetting many others who also have a stake in the operation and character of this nation, these individuals spoken of being from all groups in this society.

It should also be understood that one of many of those principles stated in written form is that everyone has a right to express their opinion, but those people who oppose that right of free expression often lack the proper authority to force their opinion on anyone else, leading to the concept that everything of a legal or societal nature must be conceptual, if not consensual then it must be considered a criminal act. The concept of freedom and where only consensual acts are valid are what many real Republicans adhere to and strive for, which could explain the animosity for certain individuals, itís the Rinoís and other individuals that trample on that right of expression and a lack of having a clear understanding of what those freedom mean.

a, Freedom of speech; freedom of speech is meant freedom of political speech not speech in general , anything harmful slanderous, libelous or outright lies or deceit may have some protections but they may come with civil consciences if found untrue or illegal.

(Meaning although something can be said does not mean it should be)

b, Freedom of expression; although some say that expression is a form of speech and should have the same protections, in many ways that expression can be considered hate speech which could suffer the same consequence as those mentioned above.

With an election approaching soon it is important to know whether something is fact or fiction and correct speech devoid of intentional lies or deceit can be valuable, though itís everyone responsibility to insure that correctness and pass that idea on to others.