Ultimate Goal

It is apparent at least 50% of most individuals think the opposite way than the other 1/2 just by the fact of differing approaches regarding problem solving, such difference’s made obvious by the existence of opposing political parties controlling our lives and how those lives are lived, making the target audience for this site those that think differently with what this site stands for and or other like venues who agree with us here, with that goal in mind there are hopes of changing minds if needed and getting as many on the same page as possible.

Communications happens to be the best way of achieving that and any goal for that matter, It is known that communications has been lacking by many in the recent past, with only moaning, complaining and carrying one with self pity, but true communications getting to the core issue there are hopes that silence will change with this offering beginning with these forums and platform’s designed for that communication, also where everyone visiting this site may discuss  and bloviate why they feel as they do and present their case justifying what they feel as being correct with their way of thought if that’s possible.

This and other site’s like this one should join together standing as one voice to present their side of any argument with blog post and comments to those posts.

Mission Statement & History

CCOUA was founded in 1999 as AClearView then later changed in 2005 to CCOUA to inspire debate through asking common sense questions on current issues then soliciting input and answers to those issues that matter to us all in an effort to enhance life and lives covering those areas of concern. While posting solutions to many problems in hopes of bettering those prospects we all seek in life which many of use face each day.

In the mean time exposing any and all anti American activities and or corrupt politicians through that debate, not confusing this effort made by this organization or group as resembling in any fashion that what Senator Joseph McCarthy was projecting as his goal by manufacturing a witch hunt in search of prospective criminals or communist’s doing the 1950’s. However, debate here is for individuals in the US but predominantly the South Western united states more so in Arizona.

Anti American for the purpose of this sites mission can be defined as harming or hindering the rights of each and every U.S. citizen.

To complete the mission described herein successfully, join in and submit your comments on the Blog portion of this site “comment Area”, every person who desires to do so is encouraged to express their opinion and argue their point cordially and with respect.